Texas Anti-Trans Laws Target Intersex People, Too – The Texas Observer

“[Forced] surgeries are not happening to trans kids, but they are happening to intersex kids,” Weigel said. “What I’m hoping is that this can be an opportunity for people to see the hypocrisy of this and understand that every time that they are attacking trans kids, they are also inherently attacking intersex kids through these subtle, covert, hidden clauses.”

Weigel was born with Complete Androgen Insensitivity (CAIS), meaning that her body does not respond to androgens. In infancy, doctors removed her testes, resulting in a complete hormone withdrawal. When she was a young child, she developed menopause. In her early teens, she was put on hormone treatments to make up for the fact that she did not have hormone-producing organs. She now lives with osteoporosis because years without hormones caused decreased bone density.

According to Human Rights Watch, almost two percent of the world’s population falls on the intersex spectrum, which is almost as common as the percentage of the world population’s with red hair. Human Rights Watch and the United Nations Human Right Office categorize performing unnecessary surgeries on intersex children as a human rights violation.

“People are always like, ‘I’ve never met an intersex person,’ but chances are you have—you just didn’t know it,” Weigel said. “Because if you met me, you would never know unless I told you, and oftentimes, we’re so closeted because we’ve experienced so much trauma.”

Source: Texas Anti-Trans Laws Target Intersex People, Too – The Texas Observer

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  1. I had to look up what intersex means … never heard of it before. We live in interesting times. I wonder why they cannot leave people alone. Heaving different sexualities doesn’t harm anybody.

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