Minbari Mondays, Two Lessons from “Interludes And Examinations,” (B5:s3e15) on Empathy for a Useful Death?

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This week’s lessons:

1. Sometimes a death is not what it seems. Be sure the investigation covers all angles.

2. Not all deaths are a waste, as Vir points out.

I love Vir’s honesty, and the way we finally see Morden’s true colors on full display in this episode. This episode ought to have been called “Deaths and Manipulations.” Bribing a Rent-a-Cop, then killing him, and blaming the death of Adira on Lord Refa. Efficient. True? We’ll find out, but knowing Vir’s good heart, a death wish from him ShortDying is not to be taken lightly.

Delenn gives us more information on how your technology can become your best friend, and maybe even a part of you, as with Kosh.

Context, again, also matters, and greatly.

This is a packed episode, with the deaths of Adira and Kosh, the direct involvement of the Vorlons against the Ancient Enemy, and…

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