Russian FSB Spies Hilariously Screw Up Vladimir Putin’s ‘Assassination Plot’ Claim

In the original video, three copies of a Sims video game were shown laid out on the bed, as well as a book containing a menacing inscription, stating in part: “Kill to live and live to kill,” signed with the name of “Signature unclear.”

Social media users were quick to point that the SIMS game and “Signature unclear” could be signs that the arrest was part of an FSB hoax gone wrong, pointing out the directives for setting up the scene of the crime might have included planting three SIM cards and signing the book with an indiscernible signature—and that these instructions might have been misunderstood or taken too literally by the agents. Perhaps realizing their agents have flubbed, official videos posted by the FSB on its YouTube channel excluded the book and blurred the images of the SIMS video games.

Despite obvious holes in the official narrative of the so-called assassination plot, the Kremlin appears to be sticking with its story. On Monday, director of the Russian Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov told Russia’s Rossiya-1 channel that a group of six Russian neo-Nazis were indeed planning to kill state TV host Vladimir Solovyov on the orders of Ukraine’s Security Services.

Source: Russian FSB Spies Hilariously Screw Up Vladimir Putin’s ‘Assassination Plot’ Claim

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penned in moon dust

“Are you okay?” My husband shook my body. ‘Honey, are you okay?” He said louder. “Wake up!!!”

When I didn’t respond, he picked me up. For a moment he had no idea what to do. Sirens were going off and bombs were falling. “What do I do? He screamed.

He saw a dim light that was over the door of the church. He ran there praying that the bombs would fall somewhere else.

“Are there any medical people?” He said with a panic that none of our team had ever seen.

Olga grabbed his hand and without a word directed him to a quiet area where there was a cot.

“We need to set her down in quiet and not too much light.” Our friend who had medical training told me. “Her vitals are strong. I think she has a concussion and hopefully will revive.”

Unfortunately, hospitals were one of…

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Opinion | Will the End of the Mask Mandate Hobble Our Response to the Next Pandemic? – The New York Times

No matter how you feel now about masks, you should be alarmed by her decision. Judge Mizelle’s ruling could prevent the federal government from effectively and nimbly responding to future pandemics. And long after this pandemic has faded, her approach and rationale could undermine the federal government’s authority to confront other big problems, from occupational health and safety to climate change.

The Biden administration has appealed the decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, but that carries its own risks. Six of the 11 active judges on that court are Trump appointees. A loss there by the Justice Department could permanently weaken the government’s authority to respond to health emergencies.

Up until very recently, the statutory authority of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to try to curb the interstate or international transmission of an infectious, deadly disease was not in doubt. The Public Health Service Act authorizes the C.D.C. to “make and enforce such regulations” that in its “judgment are necessary to prevent the introduction, transmission or spread of communicable diseases.”

The law provides that the C.D.C. can enforce “sanitation” and “other measures” to achieve this goal. The transportation mask requirement is crucial to the agency’s ability to meet its congressional mandate because travelers in a pandemic can unknowingly carry a virus across the country, dispersing it along the way.

Since the New Deal, federal courts have generally declined to strike down reasonable agency regulations. And for good reason. In writing laws, Congress cannot envision or micromanage every possible scenario. Unexpected events — say, perhaps, a global public health crisis — create novel challenges. So, Congress delegates rule-making power to agencies, which develop and issue evidence-based regulations to combat complex problems.

Texas Anti-Trans Laws Target Intersex People, Too – The Texas Observer

“[Forced] surgeries are not happening to trans kids, but they are happening to intersex kids,” Weigel said. “What I’m hoping is that this can be an opportunity for people to see the hypocrisy of this and understand that every time that they are attacking trans kids, they are also inherently attacking intersex kids through these subtle, covert, hidden clauses.”

Weigel was born with Complete Androgen Insensitivity (CAIS), meaning that her body does not respond to androgens. In infancy, doctors removed her testes, resulting in a complete hormone withdrawal. When she was a young child, she developed menopause. In her early teens, she was put on hormone treatments to make up for the fact that she did not have hormone-producing organs. She now lives with osteoporosis because years without hormones caused decreased bone density.

According to Human Rights Watch, almost two percent of the world’s population falls on the intersex spectrum, which is almost as common as the percentage of the world population’s with red hair. Human Rights Watch and the United Nations Human Right Office categorize performing unnecessary surgeries on intersex children as a human rights violation.

“People are always like, ‘I’ve never met an intersex person,’ but chances are you have—you just didn’t know it,” Weigel said. “Because if you met me, you would never know unless I told you, and oftentimes, we’re so closeted because we’ve experienced so much trauma.”

Source: Texas Anti-Trans Laws Target Intersex People, Too – The Texas Observer

Me refiero a los niños y a los adolescentes

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

Me refiero a los niños y a los adolescentes de la hora contemporánea. Con enojo y preocupación, noto que, aquí y allá, alguien con poder, y otros más, están acostumbrando a los infantes y a los adolescentes del momento actual, a la escasez, a la inflación, al desempleo, al odio, a la fractura entre opuestos, a la violencia, a la enfermedad, a la muerte, a la estulticia, a la superficialidad, a la enajenación, a la falta de valores y al control absoluto. En un entorno sistematizado, donde la mayoría siente, piensa, habla y actúa de acuerdo con patrones similares, las generaciones del minuto presente están perdiendo sus capacidades y a pocos les enseñan a enfrentar los desafíos y a solucionar problemas. Entre la confusión de un mundo virtual que hechiza, atrae y parece el edén, y la realidad cada…

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until the sun by Jeff Flesch

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

Photo by pixel2013, Pixabay

until the sun

by Jeff Flesch, Monthly Contributor

I stand in line to buy lemons and limes
while reminiscing on the

enthralled and divined
while feelings keep coming up

I’ve tried to stop.

they keep marching towards the top

life is like that

we walk and talk and make love until the sun comes up

while basking in the glory of the known
and unknown

and everything in between the things we’ve been

@Jeff Flesch

Jeff grew up in Los Angeles and now lives in Corvallis, Oregon, where he works in
Educational Leadership. Jeff’s interests and passions include personal and professional
development, developing new ways to increase access to higher education, and creating
inspiration, transformation, and more equity throughout society. You can read more of
Jeff’s poetry at Develop. Inspire. Transform, and on Twitter.

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Sustainability is becoming more important and preparing for the Future Should be Done in a New Way — FunWritings

Sustainability is linked to more recycling and now it is clear That there is nothing more important than environmental care We must expand the reach of environmental education If we intend to avoid a very environmental devastation When children grow up without the knowledge of the harm that is being done to ecosystems They will……

Sustainability is becoming more important and preparing for the Future Should be Done in a New Way — FunWritings

Cecília Meireles comigo!

” As verdades e as quimeras.

Outras leis, outras pessoas.

Novo Mundo que começa.

Nova roça. Outro destino “

Meireles, 1972, 446)

Cecília Meireles. ROMANCEIRO DA INCONFIDÊNCIA. Organização: André Seffrin. 13 ed. São Paulo, 2015

Marii Freire Pereira

https:// comigo!

Imagem ( Arquivo pessoal)

Santarém, Pá 25 de abril de 2022

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