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penned in moon dust

If The Portal could have spoken to the couple trying to enter, it would have said “we are in trouble and we need Vlad.”

One man had patiently watched for years as people moved quietly through the Passage. There were several passageways; few knew all of them.

One passageway was the Passage Hotel’s passage that was intentional built through the structure. It had been storehouses, military barracks, and a beautiful shopping area with cafes during times when there weren’t soldiers stomping through Odessa.

Then there was the Portal. Uri only knew about the one side from observation. He had watched enough people come across to know that it was a time portal.

The last Passage was the reason he had been stationed at this location years ago. This Passage was where resistance leaders from earlier wars hid and met and stored weapons. Some knew it existed but no one…

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