Relativity and its Relevance

Kaushal Kishore

I enjoyed my happy moments
got sad too at times
but time moved slowly in one direction
with the uniquitous indifference
but passed quickly
that I couldn’t even realize
in the hustle and bustle of my life,
I’m now left with those moments
that I have lived,
willingly or unwillingly 
swinging between “ifs” and “buts”…

I never relished
the rebukes and reprimands
by my teachers and parents
for getting into mischief
in childhood days
but today its memory alone
gives a wonderful pleasant feeling,
I used to enjoy immensely then
pestering and harassing others
by playing playful pranks,
but not today…

The difference in time and space
has probably increased
the level of my understanding
it was relatively less then
this very relativity
enables me to distinguish
between happy and sad,
but a time may also come
when this realisation too
will start getting blurred and
the relativity will lose…

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