3 thoughts on “Twitter uses Earth Day to announce ban on climate denialism ads | Twitter | The Guardian”

  1. The scientific conclusion or agreement on something is not always 100% correct. Once they agreed upon that the earth was flat. They have the climate conferences for how long now, more than 2 decades, and what is happening? They agree on something, but don’t do anything. That won’t save the planet either.
    In Germany they even consider to start up old coal power plants again to get independent of Russian gas. So as soon as it hurts, we forget about the planet and just care for ourselves. At least WE will live a bit more comfortable for a short while until it alls comes cracking down.

    1. This against advertisements and not posts. It’s more than clear that we are messing up environment and let short term govern our thinking and actions. This is an arena where last minute actions will not stop the earth from taking its toll. When the tide keeps rising, coastal cities will see the effects first and cities on the edge of deserts will too.

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