Turned Back #atozchallenge #Ukraine

penned in moon dust

Turned Back

Every day that the men went out, we were concerned. Often Olga’s husband the pastor would go. He would distribute the food that filled the back of the van.

“More room for people escaping,” Vlad said as they loaded the van.

The men filled the van going out and Vlad would leave several of them behind each trip to help protect the locals.

“All men in the East fighting. The women are left with children and old women.” Olga’s husband Andre told us.

We stayed too busy to worry about the group of people taking food and medical supplies. We had more than 100 refugees each night.

“People in many countries send money and we can buy what food is in warehouses.” Olga smiled as she stirred another pot of cabbage soup.

“I heard that places like travel sites, churches, community groups are all gathering funds.” I said…

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