Jerusalem’s Christian churches resist Israeli settlers

Churches in Jerusalem are up in arms against Jewish “radicals” who are settling in the Christian Quarter and threatening a fragile religious balance in the ancient Holy City. The churches have voiced alarm about the trend, as well as acts of vandalism and anti-Christian aggression, arguing the problem extends beyond the ancient heart of Jerusalem.
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Jamaica’s Kamina Johnson Smith launches candidature for Commonwealth Secretary-General

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Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, formally launched Jamaica’s candidature for Secretary-General of the Commonwealth at the Jamaica High Commission in London on 21 April, 2022. She has been doing some serious lobbying and met with some other High Commissioners in London, including those from Ghana, South Africa, Australia, Kenya, and Mauritius, perhaps more – all Commonwealth members, of course. She has her own websitenow, which looks rather beautiful. You can read her full Candidature Statement there, also.

She was accompanied by the supportive Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia “Babsy” Grange – who also went to the new Bob Marley musical, “Get Up, Stand Up” in London’s West End, and who can blame her!

Kamina Johnson Smith (left) with Minister Olivia “Babsy” Grange at the official launch of Senator Johnson Smith’s candidature for Commonwealth Secretary-General. (Photo: Minister Grange/Twitter)

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The rich, black soil that fed a growing China is washing away | The Japan Times

But the expansion of farmland has come at the expense of millions of hectares of forest, grassland and wetlands, and the increasing exposure to wind and rain has led to erosion. In the 1950s, the soil was so rich “a pair of chopsticks would sprout in it,” locals said. Now the organic matter in the soil has fallen by as much as 75%, and in some areas, the black soil layer is decreasing by 1 to 2 millimeters a year.

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences estimate that soybean production will fall by 40% to 60% and corn would barely grow in the region if — in the most extreme scenario — all its black soil is stripped away, no matter how much fertilizer is used.

Against the backdrop of climate change, global trade disputes and, now, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Beijing has intensified its focus on food security, including efforts to protect the country’s most precious soil. By 2025, China plans to improve the organic matter in nearly 6.7 million hectares of black soil by 10%. It’s a good start, but would still be well below the levels enjoyed in the 1950s.

Source: The rich, black soil that fed a growing China is washing away | The Japan Times

Just Two Snippets de Snark

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I just have two short snippets of snark today.  Sometimes two is enough.

Pandemic or no pandemic???

“You cannot have your cake and eat it, too” said my mother on a near-daily basis.  And yet, that is precisely what a portion of this nation would like to do.  They pushed and pushed to declare the pandemic “over” and finally got their way.  Mask and vaccine mandates are largely now a thing of the past and people are going on about business as if there had never even been a pandemic. The girls and I went to 📚Barnes & Noble yesterday (first time since March 2020!), responsibly wearing our masks, and there was not one single other person there, not even the staff, wearing a mask.  There will be a price to pay for this perfidy, but that’s a story for another day.

Today’s point is that … while people…

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Turned Back #atozchallenge #Ukraine

penned in moon dust

Turned Back

Every day that the men went out, we were concerned. Often Olga’s husband the pastor would go. He would distribute the food that filled the back of the van.

“More room for people escaping,” Vlad said as they loaded the van.

The men filled the van going out and Vlad would leave several of them behind each trip to help protect the locals.

“All men in the East fighting. The women are left with children and old women.” Olga’s husband Andre told us.

We stayed too busy to worry about the group of people taking food and medical supplies. We had more than 100 refugees each night.

“People in many countries send money and we can buy what food is in warehouses.” Olga smiled as she stirred another pot of cabbage soup.

“I heard that places like travel sites, churches, community groups are all gathering funds.” I said…

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Book Day- Dia do livro.

Coisas da SIL

Dia do livro, faço memória dos primeiros livros comprados, até hoje tenho um maior cuidado. Não quero orelhas dobradas nem páginas amassadas. Isso me dá um pavor enorme. Não gosto muito de emprestar, pois tenho medo de perde-los de vez. Não curto ler o mesmo livro mais de uma vez, faço a releitura apenas uma vez. Gosto de manter viva a história no coração. Quando empresto um livro fico do lado pra ver a evolução do novo leitor.Compro livros e não consigo comprar um só. Quero aumentar minha instante cada vez mais… Mas nem sempre sou capaz… Assim sigo minha saga de ler, tentando criar novos leitores, admiradores ou observadores da leitura, me inspirando em você que ler, que curte e almeja viver da leitura e escrita. Feliz dia, um abraço da SiL!

Book day- Happy day- Hug from SiL

Book Day

Book day, I remember the first books I…

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