5 thoughts on “Twitter Bans Climate Change Propaganda Ads as Deniers Target Platforms – Slashdot”

  1. Actually, might it not be better to post the ads connected to a correction PSA that shows before the denial propaganda?

    1. I don’t think so. People read mostly to reaffirm their biases and would ignore link to a site giving an opposing view. We are in a period similar to 1939. Would you allow Nazi’s to continue to post their “facts” about Jews, the left, and old guard as long as there were links to opposing views? Too many people now want believe that everything is an opinion and that no scientific facts exist. In short, giving air to lies hurts and kills.

    2. No, I didn’t say a link to the opposing view, I said put the correct information first, in the same post/article, so that they have to read it before getting to the disinformation part of the article.

      The worry is that simply removing the dis/misinformation opens up the accusation of censorship.

    3. There is no government censorship involved, it’s private. And not censorship, just not publishing or passing along lies. I would elect not to publish or share the disinformation. I choose to not share disinformation I see on the web with corrective information because I believe it does not move those who want to believe the disinformation. I do share factual information in the hope that maybe if will sink in or that some one who is in direct contact with someone who needs the facts shared with from a friend or colleague will have the information to pass along. And I don’t think that works too often either. Until the person who eats up disinformation deals with the reasons why she/he/they distrusts science or plain facts, in my opinion, there is little chance that facts will help.

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