Shots and Sirens #atozchallenge #Ukraine

penned in moon dust

It was days but it felt like weeks before we saw Vlad and his boys. They all were wearing the ugly tshirts that we had bought at the beginning of our journey before we even knew about a portal.

“We are getting in…” Vlad whispered to my husband. “two or three men only. But we are getting food in and children and babushkas out.”

I put a chair behind Vlad and he immediately slumped into it. I gave him some borscht and brown bread. I had gotten pretty good at making this Ukrainian staple.

I went around to all the men giving them their food and pointing to where they could clean up and rest after dinner. None of the guys complained though there was grime and blood and bruises all over their bodies.

“Vlad what happened…” My husband rushed into the church frantic.

Vlad held up the hand that…

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