Happy Earth Day 2022!!!

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Today is Earth Day … the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day, to be exact.  Typically, Earth Day is assigned a different theme or area of focus each year; last year’s theme was “Restore Our Earth” and this year’s theme is, appropriately, “Invest in Our Planet”.  This short clip is from last year, but I loved it and so am sharing it again this year.

I am always surprised by people who say, “Yeah, so???” Or those who say “What the heck is Earth Day?”  Or worse yet, those who say it isn’t their problem. Each generation has contributed to the damage that is threatening our very survival, each generation multiplying that damage as technological ‘advances’ come along, many of which only exacerbate the problems.  Modern day jets, oil & gas pipelines, bovine-sized SUVs, food waste, plastic wrappers & containers … all these and more are…

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