French Fridays, Libraries, and Empathy for Ants?

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Libraries are where the librarians, who find obscure bits of local knowledge, and make great book recommendations live!  This book is among the best books I have read, but I must say that the rule of the first holds: the rest of the books in the series went downhill.  Werber’s other books, too, were interesting from a philosophical point of view, but increasingly irritating as metaphysical works.  This one, however, I am half considering reading again! 

-back in 2015:

Les Fourmis (La saga des fourmis, #1)Les Fourmis by Bernard Werber
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Don’t kill any more ants!!
This book is worth learning French to read. Honestly. It had me worrying for the fate of an ant by page 40! Fascinating swap of perspectives, and hair-raising cliff-hanger ending. I have the 3rd book in this trilogy, but am anxiously waiting to get the 2nd from the library!

Ne tuez plus de fourmis !

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