Freedom (and still French) Fridays for Truth and Reconciliation via Empathy

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

It’s nearly the end of Passover, so share your stories of Freedom, please. I tried to incorporate some untold stories into the tours I developed in DC.

First, some suggestions for every Community College or Continuing Education campus below, that I consider part of the processes of repairing some part of the damage done by slavery:

1.) a small library or study area, for students with no quiet home,

2.) workshops given by recent local graduates, to mentor current students,
3.) an on-site nurse paid for by medicaid, and
4.) access to public transportation, such as shuttles between campuses,

Now, the tours.

Since I’ve been a bit lacking on my study of Language this week, I must fall back on my study of tours in DC, from 2011!

2011-10-27 19:11:00
“The Ghosts of Slave Pens Past!” walking tour of DC
Join me, licensed DC Tour Guide Shira D. Jones, as…

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