Review: Las Puertas del Mal, and Health Care

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A very interesting book from a fascinating series. This one really pointed up, in a medieval sort of way, the importance of mental health care for children who’ve undergone trauma at an early age. Yet the book, like the Harry Potter books, only more medieval European, is entertaining and uplifting, mostly.

Las Puertas del Mal by Núria Masot
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Intelligent (but possibly codependent) women able to face danger, oddly dressed polyglotts who inspire fear but actually protect, PTSD shown, not told, wounded veterans reminding each other who they were and remain over the years, the seeds of hatred and the power of loyalty, even between different communities. Those are the good things this fourth book offers. What annoyed me was the move toward semi-mystical solutions, rather than logic, in this book versus the first two books. Still, excellent inter-generational work that, like Harry Potter…

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