COVID-19 in Jamaica: Are we done with it now?

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Jamaica has “flown the gate” and we are all free!

On April 15, 2022, the last remaining COVID-19 restrictions in Jamaica were allowed to lapse, following an announcement by the Prime Minister in Parliament on March 17 that did away with most of them. Since then, our Government has been “hands off.” We can all relax. The Minister of Health and Wellness Christopher Tufton can now go paragliding and has been addressing other important health issues, such as prostate cancer, tobacco control, etc. COVID-19 press briefings are no more. The Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Morais Guy,is unhappy at this development, describing it as “reckless.”

We know, also, that Tourism is King (or perhaps even to be worshipped as a god of sorts). Health and the environment come a distant second and third. We have seen this played out (although not explicitly, but still rather obviously) on occasion, during…

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