BREAKING: Tory Donor Linked Company Secretly Owned by Oligarch Link to Putin – 💥Peace & Truth

 A major Conservative Party donor was listed as a director of a company secretly owned by a Russian oligarch close to President Putin: The BBC has seen a document dated 2006 and signed “Lubov Golubeva”, the maiden name of Lubov Chernukhin, a Tory donor. 

Source: BREAKING: Tory Donor Linked Company Secretly Owned by Oligarch Link to Putin – 💥Peace & Truth

Soul Of A Gorkha

A good and brave tale!

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

The ten-year-old Tau sat in front of a glowing charcoal hearth under the cold moonlit night sky in a small and obscure village in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas in the ancient land of Nepal. His father pulled out a glowing piece of steel from the burning embers and hammered it on an old anvil. Seven decades had passed since then, and Tau still remembered the warmth of the freshly forged knife that his father had just quenched in the chilling waters of the nearby river and placed in his hands.

“This is yours for life, a trusted companion you will always treasure. Use it well and wield it wisely. It will help you build, provide food and safety, and enable you to stand up against the worst of adversaries. Always use it to do good to yourself and others. Never use it on anyone who means no harm…

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Disney special district: Florida taxpayers could face $1 billion debt bomb if it’s dissolved

  • The Florida legislature on Thursday cleared a bill that would dissolve Disney’s special improvement district, effective June 2023.
  • If the special district is eliminated, Orange and Osceola counties would have to provide the local services currently provided by the special district.
  • Legislators and tax experts warn the bill creates an even larger potential problem for taxpayers in the form of bonds totaling more than $1 billion.

Source: Disney special district: Florida taxpayers could face $1 billion debt bomb if it’s dissolved

BREAKING: 800 Russians Behind Secret Companies of Offshore Data Base – ICIJ – 💥Peace & Truth

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is making public a trove of new information about shell companies linked to Russians as part of a broader effort to spotlight the offshore world and the hidden wealth of Kremlin-linked figures in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The company names and other data on more than 800 Russian nationals come from Seychelles-based Alpha Consulting Ltd., an offshore services provider that serves mostly Russian clients. The data includes newly discovered details about companies tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s allies and other Russian political figures who shelter assets behind opaque businesses that can be used to escape global sanctions.

Putin’s former communications minister, a high-ranking regional political leader, an imprisoned cryptocurrency specialist and an oligarch are among the Russians whose names appear in the data, which can be accessed through ICIJ’s public Offshore Leaks Database

Source: BREAKING: 800 Russians Behind Secret Companies of Offshore Data Base – ICIJ – 💥Peace & Truth

Gesehen in … … Seen in …

Stella, oh, Stella

Aalborg mal wieder. An dieser tollen Malerei sind wir schon viele Male vorbeigefahren. Ich werde sie nicht ohne Geländer fotografieren können, weil man auf dieser Brücke nicht anhalten und aussteigen kann. Ich habe die Bilder aus dem Auto gemacht, als die Ampel mal kurz rot war. Jetzt oder nie, war mein Gedanke, denn das Bild fängt leider an zu verwischen.
Ich frage mich, wer das ist, der hier auf einem hässlichen Parkhaus zu einer grossen Einfallstrasse hin abgebildet wurde. Vom Gesicht her ein Südamerikaner? Vom Hut her ein Peruaner? Bolivianer? Vom Halstuch her und was man von anderen Menschen hinter ihm sieht, Mitglied oder Anführer einer Arbeiterbewegung? Ich wollte euch dieses interessante Gesicht jedenfalls zeigen, bevor der Zahn der Zeit es völlig zerstört.

Aalborg again. We have driven past this fine painting many times. I won’t be able to photograph without without railings because one can’t stop and get off…

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COVID-19 in Jamaica: Are we done with it now?

Petchary's Blog

Jamaica has “flown the gate” and we are all free!

On April 15, 2022, the last remaining COVID-19 restrictions in Jamaica were allowed to lapse, following an announcement by the Prime Minister in Parliament on March 17 that did away with most of them. Since then, our Government has been “hands off.” We can all relax. The Minister of Health and Wellness Christopher Tufton can now go paragliding and has been addressing other important health issues, such as prostate cancer, tobacco control, etc. COVID-19 press briefings are no more. The Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Morais Guy,is unhappy at this development, describing it as “reckless.”

We know, also, that Tourism is King (or perhaps even to be worshipped as a god of sorts). Health and the environment come a distant second and third. We have seen this played out (although not explicitly, but still rather obviously) on occasion, during…

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Michael Cohen puts pressure on Manhattan prosecutors to indict Trump before month ends – Raw Story – Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism

Michael Cohen has told Manhattan prosecutors that he wouldn’t cooperate in a future investigation of Donald Trump if he isn’t indicted soon.The former president’s longtime personal attorney told The Daily Beast he would not testify again if prosecutors end this six-month grand jury term without brin…
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The Russian #Ukraine #atozchallenge #fiction

penned in moon dust

“You must come with me now.” The large man said with a deep accent.

I saw my husband consider his options then he put his hands up with resignation.

“Wise choice for you.” He ushered us toward a dark street and a car that was waiting.

I was considering if this guy was mafia, military, … none was a good option.

When we got in the car, he got behind the wheel and locked the doors.

“We have someone who needs to see you…”

My husband remained quiet and I followed his lead and squeezed his hand.

I know we drove out of Odessa, but I couldn’t tell you which direction. Then the car stopped at an old barn.

“Get out quickly we do not know what eyes are in the sky.”

I looked up at the sky and wondered if this was the last sky I would see.


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