When Fox News viewers flip to CNN, their opinions shift too, study finds | Berkeley News

When Fox News viewers flip to CNN, their opinions shift too, study finds | Berkeley News
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This is what the print newspapers were like in 1800’s USA… organizing precinct by precinct can still win – regardless of slanted press media…

Jamaica is a birding hotspot, but there’s more to it than that

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You know, I am a “bird nerd.” I am missing most of the organized birdwatching trips – but thank God for our yard, which is overgrown and somewhat wooded and brings us pleasant bird sightings on a daily basis. Today was a stately White-crowned Pigeon at our bird bath; aVervain hummingbirddipping his tiny wings on a leaf wet with rain; and what I think was a female Black-and-White Warbler, a migratory bird, flitting around in our white bougainvillea.

As the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival is well under way (while migratory birds are still around) we turn our attention to those birds who are with us “24/7” – and are, in fact, exclusive to our island. They live here, and nowhere else in the world. They are our endemic birds.

Jamaican birders have great smiles. Here Ricardo is answering questions after his presentation.

Owner/operator of Arrowhead Tours…

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Marii Freire Pereira

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Tenha pressa em ser feliz. Ajuste os ponteiros, acerte as horas, os minutos, os segundos. Sorria gostosamente pra vida. Senão, o tempo passa e você não consegue saborear os acontecimentos preciosos de maneira genuína.

Ter algumas prioridades é recomendável! Não exagere- nem coloque nada de menos. Apenas o suficiente. O resto é procurar ter atenção com saúde e o que é indispensável no dia a dia.

A vida é justa! Portanto, ela precisa de consciência, de sabedoria, claridade, cor cheiro, sabor e não ignorância. Não se prenda a um casulo fechado, sem conhecer a si. Escolhas o melhor das palavras, reflita e viva.

Marii Freire Pereira

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Imagem: pinterest/ Phù Liên Ánh Nhuyêt

Santarém, Pá 10 de abril de 2022

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Spurred by Putin, Russians turn on one another over the war | The Japan Times

A destroyed Russian tank in the Kyiv region of Ukraine on April 5  | REUTERS

Marina Dubrova, an English teacher on the Russian island of Sakhalin in the Pacific, showed an uplifting YouTube video to her eighth-grade class last month in which children, in Russian and Ukrainian, sing about a “world without war.”

After she played it, a group of girls stayed behind during recess and quizzed her on her views.

“Ukraine is a separate country, a separate one,” Dubrova, 57, told them.

“No longer,” one of the girls shot back.

A few days later, the police came to her school in the port town of Korsakov. In court, she heard a recording of that conversation, apparently made by one of the students. The judge handed down a $400 fine for “publicly discrediting” Russia’s Armed Forces. The school fired her, she said, for “amoral behavior.”

“It’s as though they’ve all plunged into some kind of madness,” Dubrova said in a phone interview, reflecting on the pro-war mood around her.

Source: Spurred by Putin, Russians turn on one another over the war | The Japan Times