Long Covid: New Information


Trial and error is a painful way to learn. It’s expensive, time consuming, and sometimes really painful. That’s why the market research industry exists. It’s better to learn from someone else’s experience than to shoot yourself in the foot.

When there is no relevant experience, than trial and error is what you do. Covid-19 presented one of these “meeting engagements” with the unknown.

New research from Italy indicates that

  1. Long Covid symptoms vary by strain of the virus (original, Alpha, Delta, Omicron) and
  2. Certain treatments used for the disease can actually prolong Long Covid symptoms.

Neither finding should come as a complete surprise, but the second is a bit of a shock.

“The long COVID symptoms we are getting from BA.2 [the “stealth” variant of Omicron] are different from those we saw in Delta, but that is not surprising given that the disease itself is different with BA.2.”

Dr. David…

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