Middle-o’-the Night Thoughts

Filosofa's Word

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking … most of it in the wee hours just before the sun rises around 7:00 a.m. … and my thoughts have taken many pathways, some of which I’ve written about in recent posts.  Another is the environment and how people are in denial about their own role … about the role of humans in general … in the destruction of our planet’s atmosphere.  What to do about it?

Well, last night I had a thought … advertising!  Advertising and marketing are powerful tools used mainly to sell products and increase corporate profits.  People are gullible … we believe that if we don’t use that one brand of toothpaste, our smiles won’t be beautiful, and if we don’t use that new good-scented deodorant, our friends and even our significant others will shun us.  Why do we believe it?  Because it is shoved in our…

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