Turkish Tuesdays (in English), TV, and Time Banks for Building Empathy, and Homes?

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When I lived in Izmir, a Turkish TV spot shocked me: it showed an image of an elderly Black man, evidently homeless, sleeping in a stairwell directly beneath a sign that pointed up the stairs and read “White House” followed by the caption “Yorum Yok” or “No Comment.” This was about the same time that a major Turkish newspaper criticized the Erdoğan government over the death by hypothermia of an elderly homeless man up in Istanbul, sparking outrage among my Turkish coworkers. These two media pieces, taken together, led me to wonder about the links between the media and public policy.

When I was a kid, PBS School House Rock spots taught me things like the Preamble to the US Constitution, and how bills become law.  These and other PBS shows like Sesame Street demonstrated the concept of cooperation and taught a generation of kids…

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Talking to myself

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I was reminded by a humorous meme on WhatsApp. It went something like: “I am at a committee meeting. It’s a committee of one, I’m talking to myself.”

I talk to myself a great deal, although not necessarily out loud. I do it even more nowadays, since COVID and since, more recently, my husband’s illness. But my committee is not really one person, despite it being very internal. And the meeting agendas are always the same. Of course, I am the Chairwoman. As I said, the meetings are not “face to face.” They are more like the equivalent of a Zoom meeting, where you stare at your own face and wonder why, once again, the poor light is showing you at your worst…

I say to my absent family overseas: I miss you terribly. Especially our son, my brother, my sister, and their respective partners. FaceTime and WhatsApp videos are…

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7,000 Steps Can Save Your Life – Slashdot

Mortality risk was reduced by 50% for older adults who increased their daily steps from around 3,000 to around 7,000, according to new medical research. Axios reports:7,000 is the new 10,000, in terms of steps you should shoot for, The Lancet medical journal reports. This is all it takes for those 60 and older to dramatically increase their lifespans. Even for younger adults, the benefits of daily walking actually level off around 9,000 steps per day, not 10,000, the researchers found. The risk reduction plateaued beyond that number. Source: 7,000 Steps Can Save Your Life – Slashdot

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Amor não aceita tudo

Amor não aceita maus tratos, violência ou qualquer tipo de abuso. Aliás, desconfie do amor que tenta justificar agressão.

Se maltrata não tem Amor.

Pense nisso!..

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Santarém, Pá 5 de abril de 2022

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