Protecting the environment to reduce the risk of another pandemic | Ensia

“If Covid-19 taught us anything, it is that testing, treatments and vaccines can prevent deaths, but they do not stop the spread of viruses across the globe and may never prevent the emergence of new pathogens,” Aaron Bernstein, director of the Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health said in a press release. “As we look to the future, we absolutely cannot rely on post-spillover strategies alone to protect us.”

Here are nine of the most important ways we can help reduce the risk of future disease by rethinking how we farm, eat, trade and interact with other species. 

Source: Protecting the environment to reduce the risk of another pandemic | Ensia

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penned in moon dust

I looked for the room I had stayed in years ago on the photo gallery of the oldest hotel in Odessa that was still standing.

“It hasn’t been destroyed yet,” I called out to my co-writer/ husband.

“What if we did a crazy thing and booked a room?” His eyes danced.

“Are you kidding?” I’m not sure if my face registered terror or interest probably a combination of both.

“You realize we are not reporters, right?”

“Yeah, I know but this is the story of a lifetime and what better way to test your theory.”

“We are writing about several old hotels that are less likely to be wiped off the map.”

I noticed he had already opened Travelocity. I wish I had never voiced my theory that there was a portal that may be located at a hotel in Ukraine. It was a romantic notion that people passed through…

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Blessed by the Babushka #ukraine #nonfiction

penned in moon dust

We had one hour to do a frantic shop for items we could only get in Ukraine. The list from friends was rather long: Hand carved jewelry, stacking dolls, hand painted spoons …

“Mommy we are going to run out of time. Why don’t we split up?” My precocious thirteen year-old daughter suggested. I scanned the park with booth after booth of items for sale. The park was large and everything looked the same.

“No way!” I said in English knowing that my two girls could be swept away in a foreign land in a moment. My limited Russian would be unheard, my screaming in English heeded less.

“We will never be able to do it all.” My 10-year-old daughter chimed in.

“Then we will do what we can. First I have to get grivna out of the ATM.” I heard both the girls sigh as I dragged them quickly…

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La tinta del bolígrafo

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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La tinta de mi bolígrafo se agota, como se va mi vida, igual que el cauce de un río que, tras mucho andar, una mañana o una tarde, en alguna fecha cercana o distante, no regresa más ni alivia la sed de los árboles, la vegetación y la tierra. Agoniza el repuesto de mi bolígrafo. Entre un suspiro y otro, destila las gotas postreras de tinta al yo trazar, en el cuaderno de notas, mis letras y mis palabras, mi arte escrito que vuelvo sentimientos, vivencias, sueños, ilusiones, pensamientos e ideales. Cada vez más débil, pero ausente de muletas y vendajes, la tinta apenas completa el texto que escribo; habla y enmudece, cae y se levanta, pinta y deja huecos, pausas, espacios, que promueven su despedida. Es como la vida humana que, en su hermosa primavera, traza y pinta…

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Turkey vultures enjoying high winds


As that large storm front moved across the country, we had about 36 hours of sustained winds of 45 MPH with gusts breaking near 70. We observed vultures thoroughly enjoying the chance to soar at high speeds. Did you know that a group of vultures flying is called a “kettle”? The term “committee” refers to a group of vultures resting on the ground or in trees and a group of vultures that are feeding is a “wake”.

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