Thái Hạo | a statistic (50)


By Thái Hạo, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

When a man was shot dead

by a mortar shell

he was missing his girlfriend’s lips

he became a statistic

in an office full of paper

Sunday morning over coffee

we talked about how

Russia has lost 15,000 soldiers

15 thousand – quite a number 

you paid your the coffee

15 thousands dong

rushed home to change your clothes in time for a birthday party

the closet was full of clothes

we’re upset because we can’t find a single bow

we’re angry

because this morning’s cup of coffee was too sweet 

a Sunday totally ruined…


March 2022


Khi một người đàn ông bị bắn chết

bởi một quả pháo cối

giữa lúc anh ta đang nhớ đôi môi người bạn gái

một con số được thêm vào cuốn sổ thống kê

trong văn phòng đầy giấy tờ


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