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This is not a pleasant story to write. I want so much to return to a time when I saw Israel as a place of comfort, wherein the words of Israeli Author AB Yehoshua, I could be a “full Jew.” But I cannot pay the price for that return, a price that requires accepting that as a Jew in the eyes of the Israeli government I am superior to my Palestinian brothers and that I am entitled to live by a separate set of rules and ignore the subjugation of my neighbors. But it is a story that needs to be written about a reality that cannot be ignored or excused.

A month ago I wrote about supporters of Israel, including many progressives, who screamed when Amnesty International (AI) dared, with open eyes, to look “at Israel’s practice of land acquisition and its control…

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Two weeks after dropping mask mandate, B.C. faces calls to mask back up | Globalnews.ca

Friday marks two weeks since British Columbia dropped its COVID-19 mask mandate, but there are growing calls for it to be reinstated.

The Safe Schools Coalition, a grassroots group of parents and educators, has penned a letter to education officials asking for a return to mandatory masking, as spring break comes to an end for most students.

Source: Two weeks after dropping mask mandate, B.C. faces calls to mask back up | Globalnews.ca

Ted Cruz’s Daughters Attend a Private School That Is ‘Antiracist’ – The New York Times

In June 2020, shortly after George Floyd, a Black man, was killed by a white police officer who pinned Mr. Floyd’s neck under his knee, setting off protests across the country, school leaders wrote to the community about their approach.

“St. John’s, as an institution, must be antiracist and eliminate racism of any type — including institutional racism — within our school community and beyond,” wrote Mark Desjardins, then the school’s headmaster, and John Moody, the chairman of the board of trustees.

A statement on community and inclusion, approved by the board in 2018, says the school ensures “cultural intelligence and proficiency” for all community members. It also incorporates “cultural proficiency, diversity, global awareness and inclusivity into all facets” of the curriculum.

Filosofia bunului gust

ore de drum

Langres, 2018

Au pornit din această urbe, ambițioși pe drumul cunoașterii, filosoful iluminist Denis Diderot, autorul primei Enciclopedii,

și fotograful Girault de Prangey, pasionat călător care a oferit lumiiprimele imagini din Orient la început de secol 19.

Tolănit pe culmea unui deal, lesne de parcurs, orășelul își desfășoară străzile sinuoase și cei patru kilometri de metereze ale castelului, pe care se intercalează șase turnuri și șapte porți majestuoase.

Între secolele 14 și 17, fortăreața a jucat un rol defensiv major. Astăzi, de pe promenada circulară poți cuprinde cu privirea întinderea vastă de unde izvorăsc Sena și Marna.

Secretul cel mai bine păstrat al ținutului este faimoasa brânză regională Langres,

fabricată după metode ancestrale pe o arie restrânsă, doar în două ferme din apropiere, care își împart piața mondială și dețin drepturi exclusive asupra procesului de fabricație.

De obicei, francezii servesc platoul cu brânzeturi la sfârșitul ospățului, dar acest sortiment de…

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Neue Aktion: Patente auf Saatgut stoppen! … New action: stop patents on seeds!

Stella, oh, Stella

Die Vielfalt an Nutzpflanzen ist eine der wichtigsten Grundlagen unserer Nahrungsmittelsicherheit. Sie ist das Ergebnis züchterischer Arbeit, die Menschen auf der ganzen Welt seit Jahrtausenden leisten. Doch laut Schätzungen der Vereinten Nationen ist diese wertvolle Vielfalt seit Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts um etwa 75 Prozent zurückgegangen. Ein Grund für diesen dramatischen Verlust ist die Konzentrierung des Saatgutmarktes auf einige wenige Agrarkonzerne. Und mit Hilfe von Patenten auf Pflanzen bauen Bayer, Syngenta und Co. ihre Marktmacht immer weiter aus.

Ändern könnten das die Vertragsstaaten des Europäischen Patentamts (EPA). Gemeinsam mit mehr als 50 Organisationen aus 14 Ländern wollen wir mit einer neuen Aktion erreichen, dass sie Patenten auf Saatgut endlich einen Riegel vorschieben. Machen auch Sie mit und schreiben Sie jetzt dem in Deutschland zuständigen Bundesjustizminister Dr. Marco Buschmann (FDP).

In den letzten Jahren konnten wir mit unseren Protesten wichtige Etappensiege im Kampf gegen Patente auf konventionell gezüchtete Pflanzen…

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Cheap indoor lights could wipe out COVID and flu viruses in 5 minutes – Study Finds

The technology uses a special ultraviolet light called far-UVC that has a lower range of wavelengths for disinfection. Ceiling lamps using far-UVC light could be a highly effective tool in protecting public health. Due to the way ultraviolet light kills microbes, viruses and bacteria cannot develop resistance as they do with vaccines and drug treatments. Source: Cheap indoor lights could wipe out COVID and flu viruses in 5 minutes – Study Finds