We All Need a Good Nap….


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….And to wake up fully rested and amazed at our nightmares:  Truckers funded with dark money angrily circling Washington, D.C.?  Something about birds not being real?  A Jan. 6 rioter taking refuge in Belarus?  Nine mass shootings over the weekend?  One in five Americans believing there is a microchip in the covid vaccine?  Putin angry at Swarzenegger?  Megan Markle a robot?  And…a rise in gun sales in the U.S., where there is already more than one firearm per person, and some states don’t require a license to carry,  and rumors that Democrats are running child sex rings, even devouring babies, while politicians suggest censorship, cancelling public schools, criticize academic freedom, and don’t even “say gay…”
Oh, Please!  What was that former question–What Would Jesus Do? And is it true that he married Magdalene?

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La ricetta del giorno

Napoli ieri oggi e domani

Cassata veloce

Ingredienti: Un disco di pan di Spagna da 250gr, ricotta 300gr, zucchero 100gr, cioccolato fondente 100gr, Rum, qualche candito, zucchero a velo.

Esecuzione: mettere sul fuoco in una casseruola lo zucchero con un cucchiaio di acqua e farlo fondere mescolando senza interruzione. Unire la ricotta setacciata aggiungendola allo zucchero poca alla volta fino ad ottenere una crema liscia. Allontanare dal fuoco e incorporarvi un bicchierino di Rum e il cioccolato grattugiato. Tagliare a metà il pan di Spagna, adagiarvi un disco in una tortiera a cerniera della stessa misura, spruzzarlo di Rum e spalmarvi il composto di ricotta. Coprire con l’altro disco, bagnarlo e premere leggermente col palmo della mano per compattare il dolce. Mettere in frigorifero per diverse ore, sformare la cassata, passarla su un piatto da portata, cospargerla di zucchero a velo e decorarla con scaglie di cioccolato fondente e qualche frutta candita.

Buon appetito

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Russia and Far-Right Americans Find Common Ground With Ukraine War – The New York Times (Me: USA Rightwing fronting for Putin and Russia)

After President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia claimed that action against Ukraine was taken in self-defense, the Fox News host Tucker Carlson and the conservative commentator Candace Owens repeated the assertion. When Mr. Putin insisted he was trying to “denazify” Ukraine, Joe Oltmann, a far-right podcaster, and Lara Logan, another right-wing commentator, mirrored the idea.

The echoing went the other way, too. Some far-right American news sites, like Infowars, stoked a longtime, unfounded Russian claim that the United States funded biological weapons labs in Ukraine. Russian officials seized on the chatter, with the Kremlin contending it had documentation of bioweapons programs that justified its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

As war has raged, the Kremlin’s talking points and some right-wing discourse in the United States — fueled by those on the far right — have coalesced. On social media, podcasts and television, falsehoods about the invasion of Ukraine have flowed both ways, with Americans amplifying lies from Russians and the Kremlin spreading fabrications that festered in American forums online.

By reinforcing and feeding each other’s messaging, some right-wing Americans have given credibility to Russia’s assertions and vice versa. Together, they have created an alternate reality, recasting the Western bloc of allies as provokers, blunderers and liars, which has bolstered Mr. Putin.

Russian veteran reformer Chubais quits job as Putin envoy – BBC News

Anatoly Chubais has stepped down from his role as an international envoy for President Vladimir Putin, the most senior official to resign since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russian reports said he was currently in Turkey with his wife.

Mr Chubais was given the job of coordinating Russia’s sustainable development goals internationally.

After the war began he posted a picture of a murdered opposition figure, in what was seen as a critical gesture.

There was no comment to accompany his Facebook photo of Boris Nemtsov, on the anniversary of his killing in view of the Kremlin. He has also made no comment yet on his resignation.

A source told the Tass news agency that he had left Russia as well as resigning as a special representative to President Putin.

“Yes, Chubais has resigned of his own will. But whether he has left [Russia] or stayed, that’s his personal affair,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Source: Russian veteran reformer Chubais quits job as Putin envoy – BBC News

The long march to Biden recognizing the Armenian genocide – Los Angeles Times

Armenians in the Ottoman Empire are led on a march in 1915. On April 24, 1915, the government rounded up approximately 250 Armenian intellectuals and leaders, eventually killing most. In the months that followed, civil and military officials forced the mass deportation of Armenian villages. Many families were marched into the Syrian desert where they starved to death or died from lack of water. The purge was accompanied by massacres that historians have said were carried out by irregular forces or locals.

Estimates of the number of Armenians who perished vary widely, with historians offering a range of about 700,000 to 1.2 million. The U.S. government has said about 1.5 million Armenians either died or were deported. Refugees scattered around the world, with Armenian communities springing up in France, Russia, South America, the Middle East and the United States.

Source: The long march to Biden recognizing the Armenian genocide – Los Angeles Times