JET acknowledges the declaration of the Cockpit Country Protected Area, but..

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On March 17, during the Budget Debate in Parliament, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that the Cockpit Country Protected Area has now been officially designated and gazetted. Is that the end of this long story, with its many twists and turns? Well, not quite.

You can find the Environmental Impact Assessments on the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) website here. NEPA had announcedon January 3 that a reduced or “clawed back” area had been allowed for bauxite mining.

Dornoch Head in Trelawny, Cockpit Country. (Photo: JET)

Here are a few concerns to note:

Yesterday (March 21) was International Day of Forests… JET has noted that the ‘released’ area is cockpit bottomlands of agriculture nestled within and protected by forested hillsides with secondary growth; which is still forest, albeit not primary. We need to retain all our existing forests, even if they are disturbed, as we seek to…

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Imaging Innovation for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment


When not fussing with idiot truck convoys, the Canadian research community is making some serious headway in identifying cancer cells. “Imaging” is the art and science of creating pictures of what we can’t see directly. Opening up your body to examine the inside of your prostate, pancreas of breast just isn’t a trivial thing to do. Unless absolutely necessary, most people quite sensibly would rather not.

This most recent advance in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) relies on differences in the motion of water molecules in health and cancerous cells. The irregular structure of cancer cells causes this difference in motion. The new form of MRI is called synthetic correlated diffusion imaging, and it causes cancer cells to “light up” on the images the MRI produces, making them easier for the technician and doctor to recognize.

Why does a better picture matter? Simply, you can more easily see the full extent…

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Russian author calls Ukraine invasion “stain” on country’s history

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “will one day be written into textbooks as one of the darkest stains on Russian history,” internationally acclaimed Russian novelist Ludmila Ulitskaya told Kyodo News in a recent written interview.

The 79-year-old contemporary writer, who had expressed to Russian media in late February that her country’s actions brought her “pain, fear and shame,” also called the military aggression “a crime being committed in the name of the Russian people against our will.”

Ludmila Ulitskaya. (Photo courtesy of Shinchosha Publishing Co.)(Copyright 2021 Oleg Dorman)(Kyodo)

“One man’s madness and his loyal followers control the fate of the country,” Ulitskaya said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She added that she believes Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine was motivated by his successful experience unilaterally annexing Crimea from the country in 2014.

Source: Russian author calls Ukraine invasion “stain” on country’s history

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Napoli ieri oggi e domani

Torta pasqualina

Ingredienti: farina 600gr, 8 carciofi, bietole 200gr, ricotta 400gr, 10 uova, parmigiano grattugiato, limone, aglio, prezzemolo, maggiorana, olio extravergine d’oliva, sale.

Esecuzione: Con la farina, 2 cucchiai di olio, pizzico di sale preparare una pasta liscia e morbida con acqua tiepida q.b., coprirla e farla riposare. Pulire i carciofi, tagliarli a spicchi sottili metterli a bagno in acqua e limone, sgocciolarli e cuocerli con olio, aglio, sale e prezzemolo. Mettere da parte i carciofi e nel condimento rimasto cuocere le bietole sbollentate e tritate. Stemperare la ricotta in una ciotola, incorporarvi parmigiano, 3 uova, sale, pepe, bietole e carciofi. Dividere la pasta in 10 parti, stenderne 4 in sfoglia sottilissima, sistemarle sovrapposte in una tortiera unta spennellando ognuna con olio. Versarvi dentro il ripieno preparato e in esso, con il dorso di un cucchiaio, formare 7 fossette. In ognuno metter un uovo sgusciato, condirlo con sale, pepe, burro…

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‘My prayers alone cannot save him’ As her son fights for besieged Mariupol, this Ukrainian mother refuses to give up hope — Meduza

A Ukrainian soldier in Mariupol. March 12, 2022.
A Ukrainian soldier in Mariupol. March 12, 2022.
Evgeniy Maloletka / AP / Scanpix / LETA

War has completely changed the lives of millions of Ukrainians. While some fight for their country’s freedom, millions have been forced to flee abroad as refugees. Others remain in their homes, struggling to survive in wartime conditions and waiting to reunite with their loved ones. Iryna Egorchenko is a 43-year-old community leader in Kyiv, whose son is fighting in besieged Mariupol. When she spoke to Meduza, Iryna hadn’t heard from her son in almost a week. But she refuses to give up hope or give in to fear. In her own words, Iryna explains why she believes in bright future for Ukraine — and for Russia, too.

Source: ‘My prayers alone cannot save him’ As her son fights for besieged Mariupol, this Ukrainian mother refuses to give up hope — Meduza