Desperate effort to rescue 100s feared trapped in bombed Ukraine theater | The Japan Times

Rescuers in Ukraine searched on Friday for hundreds of civilians feared trapped under the wreckage of a bombed theater, as local forces battled against Russian troops across the country.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said 130 people had been brought out after the Russian strike two days ago on the building where civilians were sheltering in the besieged city of Mariupol, but that hundreds were still inside.

Source: Desperate effort to rescue 100s feared trapped in bombed Ukraine theater | The Japan Times

En primavera

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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En primavera, la naturaleza saca del armario su paleta de colores y pinta los helechos y las flores, los ríos cristalinos y los follajes. En primavera, los conciertos y las sinfonías de la vida se estrenan e intensifican en las aves y en los animales, en las frondas y en el viento, en las cascadas y en la lluvia. En primavera, la flora y la fauna se saludan alegremente, como dos hermanas con tanta descendencia. En primavera, se multiplican las oportunidades de vivir y ser felices. En primavera, los abetos, las flores y las plantas se saben completos y plenos, disfrutan cada instante y colaboran, en sus procesos, con las encomiendas de la vida, sin rencor contra los aguaceros del verano, el aire implacable del otoño que arrancó y secó sus hojas y el frío y la…

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Jane Fonda Climate PAC – Jane Fonda

Stella, oh, Stella

Seen on blogger nedhamson’s site. I have always admired the commitment and the energy of this woman. Even repeated arrests don’t break her spirit.

Dear Friends,

Today I am launching my new effort to stem the tide of climate change and address the outsize influence the fossil fuel industry has on our political system. It’s called the Jane Fonda Climate PAC. The PAC is laser focused on one goal: Do what it takes to defeat fossil fuels supporters and elect climate champions at all levels of government. A link to our launch video ishere.

Source:Jane Fonda Climate PAC – Jane Fonda

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In wie weit ist der Mensch, menschlich?


Ich dachte früher immer, der Mensch habe die Fähigkeit, etwas Wundervolles zu vollbringen.

Nun, erst hatten sie ihre Götter und jeder meinte, seine Gottheit sei die beste und sie bekriegten sich.

Dann hatten sie ihre Religionen und jeder meinte die bessere zu haben, und sie bekriegten sich.

Heute haben sie ihre Staatsformen und jeder meint das besser System zu haben, und sie bekriegen sich.

Es gab aber noch keine menschliche Lebensform, die begriffen hat, dass es nur eine Erde gibt.

Egal wo Du etwas auf dieser Welt zerstörst, es fehlt dieser Welt für immer.

Da kommt kein neues Wasser, von irgendwoher. Es ist immer das gleiche Wasser auf unseren Kontinent.

Das Weltall schickt uns auch keine neue Luft, wenn diese zu sehr verunreinigt ist.

Verwüstetes, verseuchtes Land, tauscht uns auch keiner irgendwann aus.

Die Ironie ist, würde morgen ein feindliche UFOS landen und würden die Menschen, es nicht schaffen den…

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What were humans doing in the Yukon (Canada) 24,000 years ago? – Archeology, Ancient and Medieval History – Terrae Antiqvae

One of the archaeologists whose lifetime work was almost overlooked was Jacques Cinq-Mars, who worked at the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec. From his excavations between 1977 and 1987 in the Bluefish caves, located in the territory of the First Nation Van Tat Gwich’in, in the northwest of Yukon Cinq-Mars uncovered evidence that the Clovis people were not the first to populate the Americas. Through his research, he concluded that hunters had used the site some 24,000 years ago. But Cinq-Mars, who died in November 2021, was greeted with skepticism and his findings have been questioned for decades.


Today, the Clovis theory model is discarded among most archaeologists and the oldest sites are widely accepted. But the commitment that some archaeologists still maintain with this hypothesis means that the archaeological field work alternative to the Clovis theory still has a long way to go.


An example of this ongoing rectification is the research you are conducting Lauriane Bourgeon (left), a French archaeologist from the University of Kansas. Bourgeon has spent much of his career reexamining and dating the collection of remains found in the Bluefish Caves, including a small number of lithic tools and 36,000 animal bones, which serve to clarify the history of the controversial enclave east.

Source: What were humans doing in the Yukon (Canada) 24,000 years ago? – Archeology, Ancient and Medieval History – Terrae Antiqvae

This State Could Police Your Sex Positions If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

“If nothing is protected by the United States Constitution, and everything is a state’s right,” Nessel said, “it’s going to matter a whole hell of a lot who your Attorney General is because of how these laws are gonna be enforced, and then more so than that, who your state legislators and who your governor are, because we’ve got to repeal these laws.”

Nessel noted that conservatives—including the Republicans angling for her job—often frame abortion and birth control precedents as examples of judicial overreach when they should be rights determined by states. It’s a framing that sounds nice to the average person on the surface, but obscures the truth at hand.

“To them, it’s like, ‘yeah, I want my state to have rights.’ But what it means is that someone is voting on your rights—that you don’t automatically have those rights as an American by virtue of the fact that you live in a nation that values your right to privacy and believes that government has no place in your bedroom,” Nessel said. “People ought to be very concerned about that.”

Source: This State Could Police Your Sex Positions If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned