The Human Bullock

Great story of true human kindness and grit.

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

On a blistering day in June, under the scorching midday sun, when the surrounding air danced in a haze of heat and rose towards the glaring sky, a giant of a man standing eight feet tall and weighing nearly a quarter of a ton tugged on his shoulders a massive wood and iron plough. Scarring the face of an endless field, he churned the hard soil preparing it for his master to plant his crops. With the strength of a labouring ox and a simple mind that had not matured much or developed, Boloram had worked his whole life as a human bullock.

“Ei, Boloram’da would you like to have a mango,” enquired the ten-year-old Chutki with half a dozen of the juicy fruit gathered in the cradle of her skirt. Sitting on the trunk of a fallen tree, she dangled her legs to the tune of the Bengali limerick 

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More Ukrainians fleeing Russian invasion denied entry at US-Mexico border | KPBS Public Media


Matthew Bowler

Ukrainian war refugee Nataliia Poliakova is shown here in Tijuana, Mexico. March 11, 2022. She fled Kyiv on the fifth day of the war and eventually ended up in Tijuana. Poliakova has family in Los Angeles, but border official turn her away telling her she can not enter the United States because of the pandemic.

Source: More Ukrainians fleeing Russian invasion denied entry at US-Mexico border | KPBS Public Media

US Imposes Ban on Dollar Banknotes Export to Russia | News | teleSUR English

The executive order prohibits “the export, reexport, sale, or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States, or by a U.S. person, wherever located, of U.S. dollar-denominated banknotes to the Government of the Russian Federation or any person located in the Russian Federation.”
Source: US Imposes Ban on Dollar Banknotes Export to Russia | News | teleSUR English

Greene Bought Oil, Defense Stocks While Complaining About War Profiteers

The purchases came the day before Greene complained on Twitter about war profiteering. “War and rumors of war is [sic] incredibly profitable and convenient,” she wrote. “And just like that, the media has a lie to use as the reason for our shattered economy and out of control inflation.” The next day, after Russian troops launched attacks across Ukraine, Greene said that the invasion was “no surprise” – contrary to what experts on the situation were saying.

According to Greene’s own logic, however, if the invasion was no surprise, then she would also be one of the war profiteers that she complained about in her tweet. Armed conflict is incredibly beneficial for the defense industry; stocks for major European and U.S. defense contractors are soaring due to the conflict.

Source: Greene Bought Oil, Defense Stocks While Complaining About War Profiteers

Barmherzigkeit und Gnade …Mercy and Grace

Stella, oh, Stella

Statue of Julian of Norwich by David Holgate, west front, Norwich Cathedral
Foto: Wikipedia

„Und in dem Moment, in dem unsere Seele in unseren Körper geatmet wird, wenn wir als Sinneswesen geschaffen sind, beginnen sofort Barmherzigkeit und Gnade zu wirken, sich um uns zu kümmern und uns mit Mitleid und Liebe zu schützen; und während dieses Prozesses formt der Heilige Geist in unserem Glauben die Hoffnung, dass wir wieder emporsteigen zu unserer Substanz, in die Tugend Christi, vermehrt und vollendet durch den Heiligen Geist.“
― Juliana of Norwich, Offenbarungen göttlicher Liebe


“And at the moment that our soul is breathed into our body, when we are created as sensory beings, mercy and grace at once begin to work, taking care of us and protecting us with pity and love; and during this process the Holy Spirit forms in our faith the hope that we shall rise up above again…

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Forever Young

ore de drum

Vicenza, 2016

Orgoliul aristocratic al vicentinilor putea fi satisfăcut doar dacă locuința lor era proiectată de un arhitect în vogă.

Palatele înșiruite pe bulevarde confirmă, surprinzător și intimidant, grandoarea și precizia discursului urban.

Întreg orașul este monument UNESCO și fiecare fragment decorativ poate fi punctul de plecare al unor întregi teorii istorice, filosofice, literare, artistice.

Am venit aici să fac cunoștință cu Andrea Palladio, arhitect italian de secol 16, maestrul clasicismului.

Traseul oficial Palladio cuprinde cele douăzeci și cinci de lucrări executate în perioada 1550-1580.

Nu-mi rămâne decât să parcurg principalele artere ca să privesc palatele în stil clasic la care precursorul starhitecților de azi a lucrat în cei treizeci de ani dedicați acestui loc.

Vicenza în care a descins el număra doar câteva impunătoare biserici de prin anii 1200-1300.

Pe la jumătatea anilor 1400, debutează o lungă etapă de reconstrucție a urbei, rămasă neschimbată până în prezent.

Pe masură…

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Our Dwelling Place


We have to dwell in the places that keeps us connected to our source. We are the embodiment of the universe. The imbalance in this universe is of our own making. We were born bereft and we leave bereft. No amount of prestige or money can bring a corpse back to life. We can live with grace or with malice. The choice is always ours.

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Innovative medicine against lung cancer is approved by Anvisa – Mágica Mistura 車

National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approved the molecule sotorasibe, developed to attack the lung cancer not small cells. The drug is specifically aimed at those who have a mutation in the gene K-RAS G12C . “K-RAS was discovered 40 years ago and, so far, there was no therapy against it. And about 13% of lung cancer cases are linked to a mutation particularly in the K-RAS G12C ”, observes oncologist Alejandro Arancibia, medical director of Amgen Brasil. It may seem very specific, but lung cancer is so common that a small percentage of people with each genetic type already represent a robust group.  To give you an idea, the country had about 30 thousand new cases and 29 thousand deaths from the disease in 2020, according to the most recent data released by. National Cancer Institute (Inca). [abril-whatsapp] [/ abril-whatsapp] The function of the sotorasibe molecule is. increase patient survival. It will be useful to whom has already undergone some other therapy and progress has been made. “The basic treatment of any malignant tumor may involve surgery, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. After these procedures, this molecule comes to increase the individual’s survival as a less invasive solution ”, summarizes the oncologist. The medicine is taken. orally. Remembering that, until then, there was no reinforcement like this to fight this type of cancer. Then the patient ended up going through new cycles of chemotherapy, for example.  Source: Innovative medicine against lung cancer is approved by Anvisa – Mágica Mistura 車