Russia Says Its Businesses Can Steal Patents From Anyone In ‘Unfriendly’ Countries – Slashdot

Russia has effectively legalized patent theft from anyone affiliated with countries “unfriendly” to it, declaring that unauthorized use will not be compensated. The Washington Post reports:The decree, issued this week, illustrates the economic war waged around Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as the West levies sanctions and pulls away from Russia’s huge oil and gas industry. Russian officials have also raised the possibility of lifting restrictions on some trademarks, according to state media, which could allow continued use of brands such as McDonald’s that are withdrawing from Russia in droves. The effect of losing patent protections will vary by company, experts say, depending on whether they have a valuable patent in Russia. The U.S. government has long warned of intellectual property rights violations in the country; last year Russia was among nine nations on a “priority watch list” for alleged failures to protect intellectual property. Now Russian entities could not be sued for damages if they use certain patents without permission. Source: Russia Says Its Businesses Can Steal Patents From Anyone In ‘Unfriendly’ Countries – Slashdot

Florida Department of Health Slightly Tweaks Covid-19 Vaccine Guidance For Children On Tuesday

Ladapo said in a statement that “Based on currently available data, the risks of administering COVID-19 vaccination among healthy children may outweigh the benefits. That is why these decisions should be made on an individual basis and never mandated.”

Dr. Tina Carroll-Scott, medical director at South Miami Children’s Clinic, stated Ladapo’s directive on Monday was “irresponsible and incorrect.” Carroll-Scott also commented on the updated guidance:

From NBC News:

Following the department’s announcement on Tuesday, she said: “Basically what they did was just soften the stance a little bit so it wasn’t so strongly coming out against any ‘healthy child’ getting the Covid vaccine.”

While guidance has shown children are less likely to get infected with Covid-19, about 4.5 million children have had Covid since the beginning of January, per CNN. Furthermore, children with Covid-19 infections are likely to develop Multisystem Inflammatory System, affecting major organs including the kidneys, brain, lungs and heart.

Source: Florida Department of Health Slightly Tweaks Covid-19 Vaccine Guidance For Children On Tuesday

Gabriel Boric gets to work remaking Chile | openDemocracy

Boric defeated José Antonio Kast, a far-Right supporter of dictator Augusto Pinochet, and ran on a platform of more social protections for the poor and higher taxes on the rich. The success or failure of Boric’s government will affect the Left’s ability to renew itself in the region. But the new administration, led by the youngest president in the country’s history (just 35), faces an enormous challenge.

Boric’s youthful, progressive, majority-women cabinet is inspired by the democratic socialism of Salvador Allende, Chile’s first ever socialist leader. His task is to oversee a profound transformation of Chilean society, burying the neoliberal economic model and building a fairer, more inclusive country. The mobilisation of social movements will be fundamental to this. In fact, Boric and the current political cycle is the result of a decade of social mobilisation in Chile.

Source: Gabriel Boric gets to work remaking Chile | openDemocracy

Fuimos los niños y los jóvenes de entonces

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Fuimos los niños de entonces, a los que ellos, nuestros padres, aconsejaban con amor, enseñaban por medio del ejemplo, reprendían con seriedad y energía, premiaban con detalles y sonrisas y reprendían y castigaban severamente. Y así aprendimos a ser personas justas, buenas y honesta. Fuimos los adolescentes y jóvenes de antaño, a los que otros, los adultos, criticaban por el cabello largo, la ropa a la moda y llegar a las 10 u 11 de la noche -máximo a las 12, no más-, con deseos de permanecer mayor cantidad de horas en las fiestas y en las reuniones con luces que apagaban y encendían, con música estridente y bocadillos que preparábamos sin depender de mensajeros; pero convivíamos y nos divertíamos sanamente. Y recordábamos, tiempo después, los detalles de la convivencia. Reíamos sanamente. Fuimos la generación joven de los otros…

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The Peace You Give

From Behind the Pen

Image Credit: geralt

Global Warming. Now, this message isn’t about the overall temperature increase of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by pollutants. Nope, this message about a different type of global warming, the intense rising, gushing, and overheated temperatures within the irrational and inhumane temperament of humanity we are witnessing around the world.

How can we be the bridge builders of peace? How can we change the narrative to shift from the diabolical mindsets and behaviors wreaking havoc on our mental health, bodies, spirits, and lifestyles critical to our survival? As I look out my window while writing this morning, watching the birds, squirrels, geese, rabbits, and other wildlife going about their daily routines, I don’t see any of them dropping bombs on each other or armed with weapons of mass destruction to take each other out because they want to take over the territory…

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