How the West Marshaled a Stunning Show of Unity Against Russia – The New York Times

President Biden, who had dialed in from the White House Situation Room, spoke up swiftly. Article 5 was “sacrosanct,” he said, referring to the “one for all, all for one” principle that has anchored NATO since its founding after World War II. Mr. Biden urged allied leaders to step up and send reinforcements to Europe’s eastern flank, according to multiple officials briefed on the call.

Within hours, NATO had mobilized its rapid response force, a kind of military SWAT team, for the first time in history to deter an enemy. It was one in an avalanche of precedent-shattering moves, unfolding in ministries and boardrooms from Washington to London and Brussels to Berlin. In a few frantic days, the West threw out the standard playbook that it had used for decades and instead marshaled a stunning show of unity against Russia’s brutal aggression in the heart of Europe.

A “new normal,” Mr. Stoltenberg called it.

Tears On The Sand

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Under the fading silver veil of a moonlit night, in the last hour before the dawn of morning light, on the glittery shores of a once turbulent river, an eighteen-year-old low-caste boy tirelessly shovelled grains of rock and coral into a banged-up truck’s weathered wooden cradle. The driver handed over five shiny ten-rupee coins to the boy for his tribe’s night-long clandestine labour in the wilderness. Threatening to return after two days for another load, he drove off around the undulating paths of the secluded and dug-up beach. Crossing the jungle through the unnamed road, he got on a metalled highway to deliver his precious cargo at a construction site somewhere in the constantly morphing concrete landscape of the Kolkata metropolis.

For many generations, Bali’s forefathers had lived and worked on the golden sandbanks of the Damodar River at the edge of the Tildanga Forest in the Burdwan district of…

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Rutas de un viajero. Capítulo XVII. K´uinchekua 2022, la fiesta grande de Michoacán

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

La noche, envuelta en la oscuridad profunda, en esos matices ennegrecidos que las estrellas y la luna suelen decorar y alumbrar, asomará al legendario lago de Pátzcuaro, en Michoacán, y escuchará, como hace cientos de años, los rumores y los sigilos de la naturaleza, mezclados con el toque del caracol marino, atrapados en las piedras talladas durante horas prehispánicas, cuando Tzintzuntzan, lugar de colibríes, era sede del majestuoso y poderoso señorío de los purépechas.

K´uinchekua, la fiesta grande de los purépechas y de Michoacán, iniciará, como es su tradición, con un ritual, entre toques de caracol. Invocarán a sus dioses del fuego y del viento, a la Tierra y a la luna, para solicitarles permiso, por medio de la ceremonia de pelota purépecha, la conmemoración del nacimiento y el equilibrio del universo.

Entre luces y sombras y ante la…

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Sometimes, what’s always been done isn’t the right thing to do


“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better”

Maya Angelou, author

The quote has face validity in life. In this case, it has a critical application in medicine.

The specific topic is Stage III melanoma, when skin cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. The traditional standard of care has been surgical removal of the lymph nodes. Unfortunately, as a new paper from researchers at the University of Colorado shows, that surgery doesn’t improve life expectancy over other treatments and often introduces complications.

Now that we have immunotherapy, patients with Stage III melanoma do better without the surgery than they do with it.(1) Not only can immunotherapy alone solve the immediate challenge from skin cancer but it also reduces the chance of recurrence more than lymph surgery does. In addition to the risk involved in normal surgeries (infections, incomplete cancer removal…

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