PM Jacinda Ardern on violence outside Parliament: ‘We will restore these grounds’ | RNZ News

“The sacrifices we were all willing to make to look after one another, that is what will define us, no protest, no fire, no placards will ever change that. Today the police will restore order and tomorrow your government will work hard to get us safely back to the normality everyone deserves.”

Ardern said there was nothing to suggest that security settings as a country needed to change in response to the protest. She said it was estimated there were about 270 protesters who were causing the acts of violence and destruction seen today.

“That demonstrates it only takes a relatively small group of people who are committed to destruction to cause it, should they so choose. But it also demonstrates it was not a large group who were engaging in those acts either.

“We are not going to dismiss some of the underlying causes of what we have seen, but nor will we excuse it.”

Source: PM Jacinda Ardern on violence outside Parliament: ‘We will restore these grounds’ | RNZ News

A book 15 years overdue, and my arrival in Izmir, with a small side of neo-colonialism

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

(Updating this because it is pertinent: Posted in 2020…)

Just over five years ago, I finally published a book that should have been written ten years before that. So, I figure that my book on Black-Jewish cooperation (ok, in DC, not in Izmir, but they are both international cities, after all…) pretty well pre-figures the cooperation between myself, being Black, and Channon, being Jewish, as I hosted him as a guest in my newly rented apartment in my newly moved to city of Izmir, formerly known as Smyrna. What follows is a story of some of the travelling he actually forced me to do when he got there to visit, since I’d done nothing but work my whole time there! So, once again, thanks to cooperation, having a guest is a Mitzvah that both win from. I’d forgotten about that group of Brits buying up land in Turkey: keep reading…

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Elza Soares comigo!

” Eu acho que a mulher do fim do mundo é aquela que busca,

É aquela que grita, que reivindica, que sempre fica de pé.

No fim, eu sou essa mulher. “

Elza Soares. Mulheres Incríveis

Mulheres Incríveis. Kate Schatz e Jules de Faria. Mulheres Incríveis: artistas e atletas, piratas e punks, militantes e outras revolucionárias que moldaram a história do mundo. Ilustrações de Miriam Klein Stahl; tradução de Regina Winarski- Bauru, SP: Altral Cultura, 2017.

Marii Freire Pereira comigo!

Imagem (arquivo pessoal)

Santarém, Pá 1 de março de 2022

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US and 30 allied countries to release 60m barrels of oil amid price surge | Oil | The Guardian

The United States and 30 countries have agreed to release 60m barrels of oil from their strategic reserves to stabilise global energy markets, the US Department of Energy said on Tuesday, as oil prices surged to a seven-year high. Source: US and 30 allied countries to release 60m barrels of oil amid price surge | Oil | The Guardian

Llegó marzo, en su versión anual

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Llegó marzo, en su versión anual, probablemente como recordatorio de que la vida continúa, a pesar de que otros queden atrás o mueran. Anuncia, entre sus horas y sus días, el inicio de la primavera, en el Hemisferio Norte, y del otoño, en el Hemisferio Sur, como dos rostros que, aunque diferentes, se complementan y esculpen sus formas y pintan sus colores en el planeta. Llegó marzo, con sus 31 días completos, quizá para que la gente, en el mundo, no olvide que recientemente inició el año y que, por lo mismo, es preciso despertar y mirar los signos de la creación, percibir las fragancias y los sabores de la naturaleza, en una invitación a experimentar la vida con armonía, en equilibrio y plenamente, antes de que caiga la tarde y llegue la noche. Llegó marzo y en otra…

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