Citadel In The Wilderness

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South of the outer foothills of the Himalayan Mountain Range and north of the Brahmaputra River Basin stretches the alluvial floodplains of Dooars in the northeastern realm of the Indian subcontinent. With eighteen historic passages between the lush green plains and the imposing stone and ice mountains, it is the gateway to the kingdom of Bhutan, an ancient and magical region.

Shobosachi had trekked a solid five kilometres through the tiger reserve from the village of Santalabari to reach his destination. The year is 1980. The young man was fresh out of college, and this was to be his last adventure trip before he embarked on the bandwagon of a nine-to-five job life.

As part of the Terai-Duar savanna and grasslands ecoregion, with innumerable streams and rivers flowing from the snowcapped sierras touching the heavens, Dooars was a treasure trove of exotic and endangered birds, plants, and animals. With a…

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Facebook is letting a lot of climate change denial slide despite promises to flag it, study finds | Nieman Journalism Lab

The study found that half of these posts contained no information label, while the other half did.

“50% is a failing grade. It’s an F,” Imran Ahmed, chief executive of CCDH, said in a call with reporters. “Someone with the resources of Facebook should be aiming for an A.”

This 50% without labels (a total of 93 posts), had nearly 542,000 Facebook interactions, which the authors found equated to a little more than half of total interactions with articles in the sample.

Source: Facebook is letting a lot of climate change denial slide despite promises to flag it, study finds | Nieman Journalism Lab

Thank You, Octavia Butler

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

 Today is the Yahrzeit, or the anniversary of the day, in 2006, on which this American prophet and Science Fiction/Fantasy writer left us. 

   I look back to her words, dreaming of  one united human race.


And I look to finding a community of willing workers, united in service to the good of all humanity, where I can both contribute, and be truly included, myself, as well.

To Human Kindness, and in thanks, to Octavia Butler,

S. Destinie


Action Items:  

1.)  Share your thoughts on how story, and dreaming, may encourage empathy-building cooperation, and might help, or hinder, inclusive thinking.

2.) Write a story, post or tweet that uses those thoughts.


Click here to read, if you like:

Science Fiction/Fantasy Shows, Lupin, $…

Holistic High School Lessons,

Thoughtful Readers, if you are…

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Jamaica, Ukraine, and Jamaicans in Ukraine

Petchary's Blog

The situation in Ukraine is grim, depressing – and feels like history repeating itself. I get a sense that Vladimir Putin wants to grab as much territory as possible (apart from Ukraine) and then retreat behind a 21st century version of the Iron Curtain. He is, after all, a former KGB man. He seems to be nostalgic for that era. But the world has moved on.

Nothing new under the sun: This screen shot from a video shared on Twitter by @OSINT_Ukraine shows residents of Karkiv sheltering in the subway as fighting rages overhead. It reminds me of Londoners sheltering in the “Tube” underground during World War II (although they were not quite as crowded…)

I am a Cold War baby. It was a dark time, and I remember growing up in the UK in fear of the Russians and “The Bomb.” My parents who lived through World War II…

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How Taiwan used simple tech to help contain Covid-19 – BBC News

G0v worked through several proposals to create a robust contact tracing system – from Google-based forms, to webpages and apps, but they all proved to be too cumbersome.

Eventually, the group came up with a hybrid-solution. The system uses quick response (QR) codes and a corresponding 15 digit code, that can be texted for free, without a smartphone, to the 1922 hotline at Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Centre (CECC).

The QR-based system was originally designed for public transport only, explains Ms Tang, but was quickly embraced much more widely.

More than two million businesses, from shops and cafes, to its famous night markets, hung QR codes up on their walls in the first week of rollout. Customers must scan them every time they enter a business, text 1922, or fill in an old fashioned pen and paper form (kept on file) in case of a community outbreak.

These QR codes have allowed local health authorities to work backwards in order to retrace a person’s movements when a positive case is detected – a labour-intensive, painstaking procedure that is only possible thanks to some of the lowest case rates in the world.

Source: How Taiwan used simple tech to help contain Covid-19 – BBC News

Marii Freire Pereira comigo!

” Durante muito tempo, acreditou-se que a mulher tinha capacidade intelectual inferior em relação ao homem, e que ela não tinha capacidade para entender questões políticas, ou mesmo formar opinião “

Marii Freire Pereira comigo!

Imagem &Criação: Marii Freire Pereira

Santarém, Pá 24 de fevereiro de 2022

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Pet dogs really do grieve the deaths of other dogs they live with | New Scientist

Pet owners may have long suspected it, but now a study has found that nearly 90 per cent of dogs that experienced the death of a “companion” canine in the same household showed negative behaviours in the following months. This included becoming less playful, eating less, being more fearful and seeking more attention. Source: Pet dogs really do grieve the deaths of other dogs they live with | New Scientist

Volvo Ditches PCs and Paper In Favor of iPhone and Apple Watch – Slashdot

Volvo has unleashed a big improvement in customer satisfaction after equipping its 1,500 service engineers with an Apple Watch to use during their day. What, on the face of it, seems a small change reflects extensive cultural change across the company, which is actively engaged in digital transformation across its business. Computerworld’s Jonny Evans reports:Volvo has equipped its engineers (Personal Service Technicians) with an Apple Watch and iPhone (running the Volvo Service app) to help them work more efficiently than before. The company’s primary focus is to improve customer service, as it recognizes that technicians are the main point of customer contact across the life of the Volvo they drive. So, how can an Apple Watch in a garage improve customer service?

– In use, the engineer will receive a Notification when a customer arrives at the garage with their car.
– The watch will show the customer’s name, relevant notes, and car details.
– During the repair, engineers can access information — and once the repair is complete, they can directly call the customer to tell them.
– They can also schedule and make a subsequent follow-up call.
Source: Volvo Ditches PCs and Paper In Favor of iPhone and Apple Watch – Slashdot

Vegane S-Röllchen mit N-Alge und eben ohne Fisch … Vegan s-rolls with n-alga and without fish

Stella, oh, Stella

Ich nenne das Kind oder die Kinder nicht mehr beim Namen, weil ich dann wieder Tausende von Spammern bekomme. Weil ich den Titel geändert habe, musste ich neu publizieren, man lernt nie aus …

… I don’t call things by their names anymore, because then I would get thousands of spammers again. Because I changed the title, I had to publish again, one never stops learning …


Jaha, endlich mal wieder was zum Essen! Ich hatte schon lange kein S  U – S – H – I mehr gemacht und dieses Mal sollte es total vegan sein.

… Ye-hes finally something edible again! I had not made S  U – S – H – I for a long time, and this time I wanted it to be completely vegan.

Hier die Gerätschaften zum Rollen Rollen …

… Here the tools to roll the rolls …

2020-03-10 15.44.00

Die Zutaten für den…

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