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” Violência não tem desculpa, tem consciência, coragem para denunciar e LEI”

Marii Freire Pereira

Essa blusa, irá fazer parte de um projeto pessoal, onde assim como, muitas outras, vou trabalhar a questão da violência contra a mulher. Já tem algum tempo que, vinha pensando numa maneira de fazer com que ideias boas ( ideias que sirvam ao combater a violência), se espalhe por aí, e que o seu resultado, ajude essas vítima da violência, a ter capacidade de refletir sobre a sua própria realidade. O intuito maior, é aguçar a mente dessas mulheres para que, olhando para dentro daquilo que precisa ser mudado, elas tenham coragem para buscar ajuda.

É sabido que todas nós mulheres, estamos sujeitas a sofrer, ou seja, vir a ser ( uma vítima a mais da violência) a violência que acontece principalmente da ” porta pra dentro” que é a violência doméstica. Mas não é…

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There are multiple apps for everything – so how do you choose?

All of them want to make money somehow from your decision to use them. So how to choose?

Look at how many stars or hearts they get in ratings such as those which are listed on physical sale items?

Have they been or are being investigated or settled/paid fine(s) for breaking state or federal laws, regulations or orders?

I can see using online buying of mass produced items like a cell phone, canned food, spices, or cleaners… But buying mental health counseling, budgeting credit or debt counseling online?

No easy answer.

My rules? 1. Wait a day or two and then reconsider if any app would work better than doing the work/research myself. 2. Search App X problems or complaints. 3. Ask someone whose judgment I trust for a recommendation. 4. Wait another day or two and remember that all apps want to make money off of my using them.

Debt Remission for Justice in Repairing Black History?

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

The judicial system considered most of my ancestors to be legal property. As a descendant of slaves, I look at various ways to handle inter-generational wealth, or the lack thereof, and I wonder how to adjust our need for Truth, Reconciliation and restitution to take into account the realities of the various levels of access to resources that different groups of people had (or didn’t have). Racism had its effects, and debt-build up did too, for all poor people.

The ability to build up wealth and pass that on to one’s children requires a fair judicial system that allows one to both build and keep wealth, and then to keep that wealth within a family group safely. Unlike, say, Tulsa, OK in 1921, or many other cases of murder for Black wealth. In studying the book of Deuteronomy, ch. 15, I noticed that the Bible also has much to…

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LA County’s COVID hospitalizations fall to 1,502 as omicron’s grip loosens – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

The number of COVID-positive patients in Los Angeles County hospitals has fallen to just over 1,500, a huge drop from the middle of last month, when it stood at over 4,800, according to the latest state figures released on Saturday, Feb. 19.

There were 1,502 patients with COVID-19 at county hospitals, a decline of 114 from Friday’s total. Of those patients, 305 were in intensive care, down from 342 the previous day.

The latest numbers came as local health officials reported 85 additional deaths associated with COVID-19 and 3,221 new positive COVID tests, bringing the county’s cumulative totals to 2,780,323 cases and 30,300 fatalities.

Source: LA County’s COVID hospitalizations fall to 1,502 as omicron’s grip loosens – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Trucker convoy: Police arrest another 47 protesters | CTV News

Officers arrested dozens more people Saturday as protesters resumed their standoff with police as part of a ramped up crackdown on the ‘Freedom Convoy’ demonstrations in Ottawa. As of Saturday afternoon, Ottawa police said they had made 47 arrests, in addition to more than 100 on Friday.
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