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Thanks to Diane Ravitch for calling our attention to this item from Huntingon W.Va. : Earlier this week, teachers told students that during a non-instructive class period called COMPASS, they had to go to an assembly where a Christian prayer revival was set to take place. At the assembly, teens were told to close their eyes, […]

One Hundred Students Walk Out — NANMYKEL.COM

Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations.

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

This is an old post not about Black History, specifically, but very much a part of our history:

Languages are not only made of the words that we speak, but also, and perhaps more importantly, they are made of the ways that we think, and languages also shape the ways that we think. From ways that grammar places action, object, and subject of a sentence, to ways that the articles and forms of negation which exist, or do not exist in a given language, accustom us to listening for different inflections, learning more than one family of languages teaches us that communication involves more than just words, it involves gestures. Some gestures, like tilting the head, are physical, and other gestures, like opening the hand, are both physical and spiritual. The spiritual gesture being made by one city hearkens back to the language of the Bible: Patach, tiftach… Open, you…

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Antes de que anochezca

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Antes de que anochezca, quiero construir un puente para acercarme a ti, a ustedes, a ellos, a toda la gente que amo, confesarles lo mucho que valen para mí y abrazarlos eternamente. Antes de que se pierda la tarde en el horizonte y se apaguen los colores, deseo resplandecer con mi luz interior y no por medio de linternas ni de lumbreras artificiales. Antes de que las sombras nocturnas entuman y callen mis sentimientos, mi raciocinio y mis actos, pretendo manifestarme con los principios más nobles y bellos, repartir ideas sublimes y hacer el bien, retirar los cardos y las enramadas del camino, derrumbar fronteras, romper cadenas y destruir barrotes y fantasmas. Antes de que la noche repose, por horas, en el mundo y en los relojes, hasta cambiar las hojas de los calendarios, anhelo regalar sonrisas y hacer…

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California Cop Cleared for Fatally Shooting Homeless Black Man

In a statement from the family of Reinhold, it says, “This conclusion from the report confirms what we have been saying since day one – Deputies Israel and Duran had no reason whatsoever to stop Mr. Reinhold. This was a racially motivated stop aimed at harassing Mr. Reinhold, nothing more.”

Now the family has filed a lawsuit claiming that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s Homeless Outreach Team is unprepared when it comes to dealing with people who are mentally ill and are taking people of color into custody disproportionately, according to the Mercury News.

Source: California Cop Cleared for Fatally Shooting Homeless Black Man

Mending the Tears


The tears I am referring to is not the act of weeping, it’s is the brokenness within us, like the tears in our clothing. The time for reparation is now because if we don’t repair the tear before it rends the results would be catastrophic. We have to mend ourselves, our bitterness, self aggrandizement, superiority, worth and entitlement. After we have healed ourselves we have to set about healing Mother Earth, our fellow human beings and all sentient lives. There aren’t different levels of racial entities. There is only one race, the human race. All life is sacred. What we sow we shall surely reap.

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His legs were praying (as he walked for All of us…)

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

Walking: it really is not just about my carbon footprint…

Walking can get you places both physically, and emotionally, when you focus on working through a goal by walking, such as walking with other people united for empathy and making this world a safer place for all people:

A social consciousness infused with an ecumenical approach brought Heschel and King together again on 19 November 1963, when both men addressed the United Synagogue of America’s Golden Jubilee Convention in New York. King expressed his deep accord with Heschel’s cause—which was to stand against the Soviet Union’s treatment of its Jewish population—by restating his own view that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” King stated that he could not neglect the plight of his “brothers and sisters who happen to be Jews in Soviet Russia” (King, 15). In March 1965, Heschel responded to King’s call for religious…

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There’s no money? Then how can there be $10 trillion for financiers in two years?

Systemic Disorder

Noting that there is always money to be thrown at the finance industry but little for social needs is by now about as startling as noting the Sun rose in the east this morning. But what is eye-opening is the truly gargantuan amounts of money handed out to benefit the wealthy.

We’re not talking billions here. We are talking trillions.

For example, the amount of money created by the central banks of five of the world’s biggest economies for the purpose of artificially propping up financial markets since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic totals US$9.94 trillion (or, if you prefer, €8.76 trillion). And that total represents only one program of the many used by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of England and Bank of Canada.

That is on top of the US$9.36 trillion (or €8.3 trillion at the early 2020 exchange rate)…

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What Happens When Children Develop Good Eco-Friendly Habits — FunWritings

When children have information about the importance of environmental care in the future we will have clean water and air The post What Happens When Children Develop Good Eco-Friendly Habits appeared first on FunWritings.

What Happens When Children Develop Good Eco-Friendly Habits — FunWritings