Two-thirds of Canadians support military force to end Ottawa protests: poll | CityNews Toronto

A new poll finds more than two-thirds of Canadians would support the use of military force to help clear out Ottawa protesters, while support for the truckers has fallen to 20 per cent
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Jamaicans counting waterbirds (and holding their noses)

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BirdLife Jamaica is at it again. For the past two years, since the pandemic started, we have been quiet; having said that, while group trips (we always carpool) have been difficult, we have, as individuals, in ones and twos, been busy doing our birding activities. Our WhatsApp group has remained as busy as ever – enhanced with illustrations from our highly talented cadre of photographers, obscure and somewhat baffling videos from me of warblers flitting through the bushes at home, and wise observations and information from our expert guides.

The CWC is not just for the experts. Anyone can do it – go out and see what you can find, then record it on eBird Caribbean. This is “citizen science” in action!

Nevertheless, as the Caribbean Waterbird Census(CWC) rolled around, BirdLifers were galvanized into action. The CWC is an annual event established and organized by BirdsCaribbean. From January…

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Service to our fellow human beings and all living sentient beings on this earth is the greatest devotion we can offer to each other. We are not here to sow hate, denigrate and obliterate. We are here as vehicles of peace. We are here to honour our Mother, Earth. Like the flame of a candle, our travail in the flesh, in this dimension, will come to an end.

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Pets can carry, pass on their owners’ COVID-19 for several weeks – Study Finds

Pet owners who test positive for COVID-19 should avoid contact with their furry friends, according to a new study. Around a third of dogs and 40 percent of cats carried the virus after spending time with their infected owners.

Researchers say the pets only presented mild symptoms, if any at all, but may still pass on the potentially deadly bug. In the study, some pets carried the virus for as long as 51 days after their owners tested positive. The study was carried out with 29 dogs and ten cats in Rio.

“This study demonstrated the presence and persistence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in different biological samples of dogs and cats that lived in the same residence of SARS-CoV-2 infected owners,” the authors write in their paper, published in PLOS One. “The results presented here suggest that people diagnosed with COVID-19 should avoid direct contact with their pets for as long as they remain ill.”

Source: Pets can carry, pass on their owners’ COVID-19 for several weeks – Study Finds