A Pair Of Shoes

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Thirteen-year-old Monikanchon dashed into the sea of clueless strollers, joyous visitors, and perplexed shoppers. The enthusiastic teenager head-butted and elbow-jabbed to reach some of his favourite stalls at the annual street fair on the occasion of Charak Puja on Beadon Street of Calcutta of 1920. It was the last day of the festival, and waves of people slowly moved through the cobbled road while mobile hawkers and makeshift stall owners screamed at the top of their lungs to attract buyers to their homegrown wares.

“Moni Dada, don’t leave my hand. You will get lost in the crowd,” screamed Godadhor, the trusted caretaker of the Zamindar, Hem Chandra Ray’s only spoilt son. “Get lost Goda! You will only slow me down, you imbecile,” shrieked back the arrogant teenager and pushed his way through the crowd.

A street fair in 1920 was not only a place to casually visit but a great…

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