Mistakes and Judgement


Life is one big story, human lives are parts of the big story. All humans love stories, all humans are storytellers; talking about oneself, other people, places, events, etc, is what humans do. Your life is a story, you write it every day by living it, and people are reading it daily through observation, gossip, etc.

To live, you have to wrong(mistake)
To live better, you have to right your wrongs
To live best, you have to learn from people’s wrongs.

It’s natural and okay to talk and learn from people and their mistakes, but it’s wrong to judge people’s mistakes, it’s not even right to judge your own mistakes. You can judge Adolf Hitler because his story ended, you gain nothing from judging an inconclusive story.

Mistake makes a man stronger and better, situations changes with time❤️
If you judge/condemn someone’s past, what about the present, if you judge/condemn…

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