Do Better, 5th Draft: Ready for Reviews

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

This makes it even more readable!


I still need more eyes on this new 5th Draft, if Beta Readers would like to volunteer. Oh, and new title is

Project Do Better: A Kindness Manifesto in Four Phases

Dying to finish and release this book so I can get back to doing my own personal part of Project Do Better: writing historical fiction, so please let me know if you’d like to read 280 pages of how we can become a kinder world that meets everyone’s needs in 60 years!


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Madeira: Paul do Mar … same in English

Stella, oh, Stella

Heute stelle ich euch ein Kleinod vor (in meinen Augen), und zwar den kleinen Küstenort Paul do Mar. Wir ihr auf der Karte weiter unten sehen könnt, liegt er an der Südküste, westlich von Funchal. Hier gibt es enge Gassen und teilweise recht ungewöhnliche Gärten. Katzen und Blumen gedeihen gut in diesem kleinen Ort.

… Today I am presenting to you a little jewel (in my opinion), and that is the tiny coastal town of Paul do Mar. As you can see on the map further down, it is situated at the southern coast, west of Funchel. Here you will find the narrowest alleyways and partly rather unusual gardens. Cats and flowers thrive in this place.

Warum stehe ich auf der Strasse herum? … Why am I standing in the middle of the road?

Nach links überblickt man den ganzen Ort Paul do Mar. Der interessante Teil befindet sich um…

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The Flesh is just a Memory


Have we taken the time to question our existence? Do we know that like fishes we all swim in the same ocean? Lineage gives us an edge over others because of our connections, it doesn’t make us smarter and wiser than a person born outside of our lineage. Deriding, humiliating and castigating our fellow human beings doesn’t uplift us, it just shows how brutish and inhumane we are. The same fate that awaits the person we look down on, is the same fate that awaits us. We all die, though we know not when. Our money and status won’t save us, our connections won’t save us. We can’t take anything with us. We came with nothing and will leave with nothing.

© Norma Bobb-Semple 2022

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Former Alabama Correctional Lieutenant Sentenced for Failing to Intervene in Unlawful Inmate Assault | OPA | Department of Justice

The Justice Department today announced that Willie M. Burks III, 41, a former Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) lieutenant, was sentenced in federal court to nine years’ imprisonment, with two years of supervised release to follow. Burks was convicted by a federal jury on July 21, 2021, of failing to stop an officer under his command from assaulting an inmate at ADOC’s Elmore Correctional Facility.

The evidence at trial established that on Feb. 16, 2019, former Correctional Sergeant Ulysses Oliver Jr., Burks’ subordinate, went to an observation room holding two handcuffed and unresisting inmates. Oliver, intending to punish the inmates for bringing contraband into the prison, pulled the first inmate from the observation room into an adjacent hallway, where he struck the victim multiple times with his fists and feet, and then used his collapsible baton to repeatedly strike the victim. Burks came into the hallway after Oliver had finished beating the first inmate. Burks then stood and watched as Oliver pulled the second inmate from the observation room, threw him on the floor, and beat the inmate with his feet and his collapsible baton. Despite having the duty, ability and opportunity to intervene to stop Oliver from beating the second inmate, Burks only stood by and said, “it’s fair.” Other ADOC correctional staff who reported to Burks were present for some or all of the assaults, but none intervened to stop Oliver from beating the inmates.

After the assault, Burks allowed Oliver to come back into the observation room where the victims were held. As Burks again stood by and did nothing, Oliver entered, stood over the victims, and shoved the tip of his baton into the face of one of the victims, lacerating the victim’s face.

Source: Former Alabama Correctional Lieutenant Sentenced for Failing to Intervene in Unlawful Inmate Assault | OPA | Department of Justice

Myanmar Junta Fails the Sovereignty Test

By definition, sovereign states are required to have a population, territory, government and ability to engage with sovereign peers elsewhere. The SAC is beset with shortcomings in every category.

First, it oversees a population who are in a nationwide armed revolt against military rule. In other words, Myanmar’s military, known locally as the Tatmadaw, does not have the acquiescence and acceptance of those over whom it is trying to rule. The evidence of its lack of popular acceptance can be seen in the results of the last two national elections, which overwhelmingly returned the civilian-led National League for Democracy (NLD) under Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to office, trouncing the military-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party by large margins. It is no wonder the vast majority of the civilian population are fighting back. As their voices were denied and they were robbed of their democratic rights, they are fighting back to reclaim what is theirs.

Source: Myanmar Junta Fails the Sovereignty Test