Coronavirus Update From New York City: February 3, 2022

Blind Injustice

I hope all of my readers are remaining healthy and safe, regardless of where you live.

I thankfully continue to remain COVID-free. I am grateful for that because, to be honest, even among those I know who have “mild” symptoms, there can still be certain symptoms that linger for quite a few weeks after they first test positive. For example, I know of people who, even though they have mostly recovered from the virus, still have lingering coughs that they are so incredibly tired of. Even “mild” COVID is no fun, albeit it is nothing compared to landing in the hospital with the virus.

Where I live, cases continue to decrease, and the number per cases per 100,000 people is at its lowest level since right before the holidays. Such numbers (as well as numbers when it comes to the percentage of people testing positive) is still relatively high compared…

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Writing/Cleaning + Miss Bekah’s Growth/Change + Pod19: Covid + Books

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Blogger/writer Rebekah of MissBekah Productions.
Blogger/writer Rebekah of MissBekah Productions.

Click H-E-R-E for my new podcast page at AnchorFM. This week’s audio show is the audio version of “COVID, Friendship, Writing, and Books: We’re better” that you can read the text version of H-E-R-E.

At the Happiness Between Tails podcast page, you’ll also find links to subscribe, hear, and share it via most any platform, from Spotify and Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts and Breaker, to Pocket Casts and RadioPublic and Castbox and Stitcher, plus an RSS feed. The full list of 50+ places is H-E-R-E.

This week, I’ve been doing some writing, but not as much as I’d like (H-E-R-E’s more about my novels) — for quite a happy reason! My husband and I are getting ready for an extended visit by my brother-in-law.

First, though, regarding the podcast at the start of this post, over the time…

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German vaccine body backs fourth COVID-19 shot for most vulnerable | News | DW | 03.02.2022

Germany’s expert vaccine commission, the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO), came out on Thursday in favor of fourth COVID-19 vaccine doses — or second booster shots — for people belonging to particularly at-risk groups.

The commission recommended that people aged 70 and over, people with immunodeficiency, and people who live in in care facilities, as well as employees of care and medical facilities, should all be given a fourth dose.

Source: German vaccine body backs fourth COVID-19 shot for most vulnerable | News | DW | 03.02.2022


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¿Vivir? Caray, qué pregunta. Vivir consiste, parece, en detener la marcha cotidiana, voltear a los lados y sonreír a la gente que se encuentra cerca y lejos, aliviar el hambre de los miserables e impedir que alguien muera por enfermedad o tristeza. ¿Vivir? En eso estamos, aunque a veces olvidemos quiénes somos y cuáles son nuestras encomiendas. ¿Vivir? Lo hacemos desde el nacimiento, en el cunero, con el aprendizaje y los juegos de la infancia, con las ocurrencias y las inquietudes de la adolescencia, con las ilusiones de la juventud, con los asuntos de la madurez y con los pasos de la ancianidad, hasta un instante previo a la muerte, a la sepultura. ¿Vivir? Me consta que se vive al amar, al hacer el bien, al disfrutar cada instante con sus luces y con sus sombras. Se vive, según…

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