B.C.’s top court extends old-growth logging protest injunction to next fall | Globalnews.ca

A court injunction against old-growth logging protests on Vancouver Island has been extended until next fall in a British Columbia Court of Appeal decision that overturns a lower-court ruling.
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(Me: old growth forrest is heartbeat of environment – no more logging)



After close to two years of inertia, liberation seem to loom & bloom.  Covid cases in my people-filled and densely populated country is now starting to drop.

injection gives me the creeps! so obvious is this photo. haha!

 Unlike tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, I guess my government should thank me for being so cooperative, participative and supportive.  Last month I had my vaccine booster shot which was six months after I had my complete double dose of Covid vaccines.  Having my booster shot gave me confidence and a massive sigh of relief that at least I won’t die from this silly epidemic.

Keep your mask on everyone, freedom and deliverance seem imminent and forthcoming! We will all soon take it off. Excited to hug everyone! Woohoo!

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My favorite photo, ever: a sunset in Negril, Jamaica

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I am not a good photographer. I try my best, and my iPhone and iPhotos on my desktop have certainly helped. In fact, I would love to take much better photos with an actual camera, and may get a new one soon. My very old Canon is limping along, telling me every five minutes that it needs recharging. I can relate to that – so do I. Anyway, this was a recent Bloganuary prompt and I immediately chose my favorite photo.

This is one photo that I have “favorited” that just captured a moment, like magic. We were relaxing for a couple of days in Negril. This is a shameless plug for a hotel down there that we are very fond of, called Sunset at the Palms. The place is as alluring as the name, with tree houses set in gardens, among towering palm trees. Over the road is…

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US donates 400 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to COVAX | CIDRAP

The White House today confirmed the United States has donated 400 million COVID-19 vaccine doses—toward a goal of 1.1 billion—to low-income countries via COVAX, the global vaccine sharing program.

Jeff Zients, the White House COVID-19 pandemic response coordinator, said the United States has donated more to COVAX than any country in the world, and the latest shipments would head out tomorrow to both Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Source: US donates 400 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to COVAX | CIDRAP

Doctors Find ‘Antibody Signature’ for Patients Most at Risk of Developing Long Covid – Slashdot

Researchers at University hospital Zurich analysed blood from Covid patients and found that low levels of certain antibodies were more common in those who developed long Covid than in patients who swiftly recovered. When combined with the patient’s age, details of their Covid symptoms and whether or not they had asthma, the antibody signature allowed doctors to predict whether people had a moderate, high or very high risk of developing long-term illness. “Overall, we think that our findings and identification of an immunoglobulin signature will help early identification of patients that are at increased risk of developing long Covid, which in turn will facilitate research, understanding and ultimately targeted treatments for long Covid,” said Onur Boyman, a professor of immunology who led the research. The team studied 175 people who tested positive for Covid and 40 healthy volunteers who acted as a control group.  Source: Doctors Find ‘Antibody Signature’ for Patients Most at Risk of Developing Long Covid – Slashdot