Unqualified And Dangerous — Glenn Youngkin

He is dumb enough to burn all bridges to make core GOPDeathCult supporters happy

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Glenn Youngkin, the new governor of Virginia, took office on January 15th.  On that very day he signed 11 executive orders reversing mask and vaccine mandates, forbidding the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools where it was never taught to begin with and “other inherently divisive concepts” which has left school officials scratching their heads, wondering what might be considered “inherently divisive”.  Might that include the history of slavery and the Civil War, Reconstruction and Jim Crow, the civil rights movement and the protests of 2020 that followed the murder of George Floyd?  As columnist Eugene Robinson said, “If you teach Black history without bringing up any “divisive concepts,” you’re not teaching it at all.”

The anti-mask order itself has stirred a hornet’s nest of protest and the governor is being sued by no less than seven school boards in the state including Fairfax County Public…

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