Ann and Anna, Part 17, and Passing…

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         In my serial Ann & Anna,  Parts 17,  reprinted below, and in part 16 (Power), as well as the foreshadowing in earlier parts, which post on  Sundays, the theme of Passing, as in Black folks passing for White, comes to the forefront of the story.  A reader asked me about this topic, and I thought it might be interesting  for other readers, as well:


      ”   Can Willow pass?

Well, she certainly does not believe so, but Anna, and little Tilly, clearly think that she can.

Remember, passing is more than about just how light your skin is (and how ‘kinky’ your hair is, which is always how Mexicans can tell I’m Black…)

Passing is an interesting and delicate thing: it really depends on the eye of the beholder.

I, personally, cannot pass at all in most of DC, MD, NY/NJ, and certainly not…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post about questions from today’s part of my serial, Ann & Anna, where three young women are now escaping slavery, if Willow can keep it together long enough!

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