Day 47/67: Five Month GED, Historic Decisions, and Health Care

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

     A basic understanding of science, and support for free access by all residents to high quality branch libraries with trained Reference Librarians who also understand basic science, is another responsibility of being an Adult in a republic. 

Understanding the basics underlying any illness, like smallpox or typhoid, the history behind it, and the sensible precautions that can be taken to avoid it, are like teaching Typhoid Mary why she was a carrier.  We all have a duty and a right to understand, and to protect our fellow human beings.

 Start of week 13/18
Day 47 Lesson Plan
Grammar: Essay Writing -Continue working on your Pros paragraph
Math: Scale and Similarity
Day 47 Exit Ticket
(Day 46 … Day 48)
Don’t forget to look up the history of some of your science study topics…

Action ItemsWhat Would You Do??

1.) Search for two different sources explaining…

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