Day 44/67: Five Month GED, Exponential Curves, and, Interesting Education

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                         Aside from understanding exponential growth in populations of rabbits, and germs,


Adulting also often requires  understanding how debt can grow just as rapidly.  Knowing how to defend yourself legally, for instance on a medical debt that may have expired, when you are summoned to court on it anyway: if you don’t go let them know (that the debt is time-barred), you may have ‘a hard row to hoe.’ 

   Especially since compoundinterest also gets very interesting as it  grows exponentially…

 Middle of week 12/18
Day 44, Week 12
Grammar: Quotes and more
Math: Using Exponents
Day 44 Exit Ticket
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1.) Why might it be important to understand exponential rates of change?  Why do you think it may (or may not) help citizens of a Republic, especially those who are more vulnerable?

2.) Write a…

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