Study shows industrial development giving coyotes an edge in wolverine habitat |

Industrial development is helping coyotes move into wolverine country and edge out the rare carnivore despite its fierce reputation, newly published research suggests.
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Learning our lessons

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I am really not keen on preaching to people about how they should live their lives. I don’t want to sound like the author of one of those self-help books (that I never read).

But…my next Bloganuary prompt is: What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

Exactly what is a “life lesson,” for a start? I suppose it all begins with our very youthful naïveté, early on in our lives. One believes that one’s life will be smooth sailing: a glossy pathway stretching ahead that we glide along, just above the ground, picking brilliant flowers from the roadside along the way. I think that, pretty early on, one realizes that “nutten nuh guh so” (I think there’s a song of that name) – in other words, Nothing goes that way, even if you imagine it does. That expression brings you down to earth with a…

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Sterling Asset Management raises funds for Haiti

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Did I mention that this is an awesome company? Sterling Asset Management Ltd. is showing great corporate social responsibility towards our close neighbors. This appeal began at Christmas, so I am rather late posting it. However, it ends on January 31, 2022 – so you still have time to send some funds for a really good cause.

Sterling Asset Management Ltd. is raising money for Haiti through cash donations that will allow Food For The Poor Haiti to provide the needed support to save lives in Haiti.

People search through the rubble of what used to be the Manguier Hotel after the earthquake hit on August 14, 2021 in Les Cayes, southwest Haiti. – Rescue workers scrambled to find survivors after a powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti early Saturday, killing at least 304 and toppling buildings in the disaster-plagued Caribbean nation still recovering from a devastating 2010 quake.
The epicenter…

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Day 44/67: Five Month GED, Exponential Curves, and, Interesting Education

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better


                         Aside from understanding exponential growth in populations of rabbits, and germs,


Adulting also often requires  understanding how debt can grow just as rapidly.  Knowing how to defend yourself legally, for instance on a medical debt that may have expired, when you are summoned to court on it anyway: if you don’t go let them know (that the debt is time-barred), you may have ‘a hard row to hoe.’ 

   Especially since compoundinterest also gets very interesting as it  grows exponentially…

 Middle of week 12/18
Day 44, Week 12
Grammar: Quotes and more
Math: Using Exponents
Day 44 Exit Ticket
(Day 43 … Day 45)



1.) Why might it be important to understand exponential rates of change?  Why do you think it may (or may not) help citizens of a Republic, especially those who are more vulnerable?

2.) Write a…

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Pollinis: Umweltschutzgruppe aus Frankreich … Pollinis: Environment protection group from France … Pollinis: groupe français de protection de l’environnement

Stella, oh, Stella

Nicht nur die Umwelt, sondern auch die Demokratie steht unter Beschuss. Dieser Sachverhalt breitet sich anscheinend in ganz Europa aus. Das Kapital regiert!

*** Non seulement l’environnement, mais aussi la démocratie sont attaqués. Ces faits semblent se répandre dans toute l’Europe. Le capital règne!

… Not only the environment, but also democracy are under attack. This situation seems to spread through all of Europe. Capital rules!

Da dieser Beitrag aus Frankreich stammt, ist er ausnahmsweise einmal dreisprachig: erst der Französische Originaltext, dann die deutsche Version und danach die englische Version.

*** Comme cet article vient de France, il est exceptionnellement en trois langues : d’abord le texte original français, puis la version allemande et enfin la version anglaise.

… As this article originates from France, I am publishing it exceptionally in three languages: First the original French text, then the German version and thereafter the English version.

Grosse Erdhummel/ bourdon…

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Day 43/67 of GED in Five Months, Area vs. Circumference, and, transportation

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

Adulting often requires knowing how transportation ties in with a variety of types of knowledge, like the distance around an obstacle, given the area of the area you want to avoid. Also, when does it make more sense to use mta_nyc_transit_services_mosaic mass transit than to drive?

Start of week12/18
Day 43, Lesson Plan:
Grammar: Essay Writing -Continue working on your Pros paragraph
Common Core Math, Skill practice #s4-6: Area and Circumference of Circles
remember student discounts on monthly bus passes!
Day 43 Exit Ticket
(Day 42 … Day 44)

Action Prompts:

1.) Why might it be important to understand the public transit system in your city? Why do you think it may (or may not) help citizens of a Republic, especially those who are unable, for eyesight reasons, for instance, to drive a car?

2.) Write a book, story, blog post or tweet that uses those thoughts…

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