Florida suspends health official in probe over vaccine law | AP News

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A health official who has helped lead central Florida’s response to the pandemic has been put on administrative leave as state officials investigate whether he tried to compel employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19 in violation of state law.
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(Me: bully people to be in Governor’s CovidDeathCult and more Floridians die at his whim…)

Que nadie les arrebate sus sueños y su imaginación, sus anhelos y sus ilusiones…


Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

Nunca permitan que les desbaraten sus sueños y sus ilusiones. Impidan que les roben sus locuras y sus anhelos. Cuiden su imaginación y su creatividad, sus motivos y sus fantasías. Y que nadie apague sus alegrías y sus sonrisas. Cada día, a pesar de que a veces haya momentos de tempestades, disfrútenlo plenamente, contentos, lejos de aquellos que, por vibrar a escalas tan bajas, provocan dolores, tristezas, males y naufragios. Eviten que arranquen la inocencia a los niños y las ilusiones a los adolescentes y a los jóvenes. La pretensión local y global es robarles sentimientos, ideales, fantasías, imaginación, sueños, ilusiones y anhelos con el propósito de vaciarlos y transformarlos en marionetas insensibles y ciegas, en títeres enajenados y autómatas, en muñecos procesados en serie. Sean creativos y originales. Vivan demasiado y sueñen mucho. Si alguna vez desarticulan a…

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Day 42/67: Five Month GED, “Discrete What?” & Health Terminology (and a Note…)

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

     (Quick note: Dear Readers, this is nearly the end of my lesson plan series, which I am working to post so that the new Page listing these plans will have fresh links.  Then, we will return to our regularly schedules stories… -Shira)

     Adulting often requires understanding vocabulary, and how certain words have slightly different meanings when applied in a different context,  to understand how health care works, and why the Public Health Services are so important. 


Here is one of my favorite words that makes a key difference in math, science, health care, and even in English grammar, as the lesson will show!

 Week 11/18
Day 42, Week 11
Grammar: Context and confusing words
Area and the Pythagorean Theorem
Day 42 Exit Ticket
Discreet quantities
Being discreet, as in exercising discretion…

(Day 41 … Day 43)

Action prompts:

1.)  Explain why you think it is…

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Apple Fitness +:

Apple Fitness +, the first tailor-made fitness and wellness service for the Apple Watch and created for everyone to use, features Collections and Time to Run from January 10th. Collections are a series of exercises and meditations with content selected from the Fitness + library organized to help users achieve a goal, and Running Time is a racing audio experience designed to help users become better and more consistent runners, with popular racing routes in some of the largest cities.“At the beginning of a new year, we know that many people are looking for new ways to try to achieve their goals. With these news, it’s easier to use Fitness + to maintain motivation and exercise anywhere, with the most complete library of diverse and high quality content to train the body and mind, whatever your level of physical preparation ”, said Jay Blahnik, vice president of Fitness Technologies at Apple. Source: Apple Fitness +:

Day 41/67, Five Month GED: Cycles, and, “Wh” Questions

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

      Adulting often requires Public Library resources to answer important questions about issues ranging from the life cycle of an organism, as in today’s science reading, to election cycles. 


Or resources like the old “Who’s Who…” books that recorded facts like the number of presidents who have been impeached, and why. 

     Questions like what, why, where, when, and of course, how, are key to understanding all sides of any issue, from biology to sociology, and our daily lives.  Librarians remind us to ask all of these questions, and help us dig for resources to find answers (or more productive questions!)

 Week 11/18
Day 41 Wk 11
Grammar: writing a paragraph
more Pythagorean Theorem
Day 41 Exit Ticket
(Day 40 … Day 42)

Action Prompts:

1.) Why might it be important to understand the life cycle of various organisms?


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Com mudanças climáticas, tubarões se afastam de áreas de proteção no Atlântico

Mágica Mistura

O ano de 2021 marcou um novo recorde: pelo sexto ano consecutivo, as temperaturas dos oceanosaumentaram. Esse fenômeno é um dos protagonistas quando se fala em mudanças climáticas e tem uma porção de consequências preocupantes. Uma das principais é o aumento do nível dos oceanos, que acontece a partir da expansão térmica: à medida que as águas absorvem calor, elas aumentam de volume.

O aquecimento também pode levar ao derretimento mais acelerado das geleiras e a mudanças nos padrões de ventos e chuvas ao redor do planeta (que podem intensificar furacões e tufões), além de dificultar a absorção de carbono da atmosfera pelos oceanos.

Mas não para por aí. As mudanças de temperatura podem alterar diretamente o comportamento de espécies marinhas e, assim, bagunçar ecossistemas ao redor do mundo. Um exemplo recém-descoberto é o caso dos tubarões-tigre (Galeocerdo cuvier) no Oceano Atlântico – próximo à costa…

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