The Tipping Point that will destroy the world

It does not takes 25% of people to change direction. A shift of 5% in a short span of time, can set off a shift the will cause the 80% of people waiting to see which way the wind is blowing to change to quickly become the overwhelming majority. All we can do now is avoid tipping points that we have not guessed about yet are a year or so away. We have already passed some significant tipping points that will spill out for the next 10-30 years.


George Monbiot is known for his environmental and political activism. He writes a weekly column for The Guardian and is the author of a number of books. Popular culture is finally beginning to be alarmed by environmental devastation. The movie Don’t Look Up being a current example.

I’m not promoting the reference to Double Down News at the end of the video, but here is a link to that website. Double Down News, The Future of Journalism.

A new study about the power of committed minorities to shift conventional thinking offers some surprising possible answers. Published this week in Science, the paper describes an online experiment in which researchers sought to determine what percentage of total population a minority needs to reach the critical mass necessary to reverse a majority viewpoint. The tipping point, they found, is just 25 percent. At and slightly above that level, contrarians were able…

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