Review of Mindhunter, and Thinking on Abolition

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         I  would like to hear your thoughts, Thoughtful Readers, on the idea of Project Do Better as what Professor Ruth Wilson Gilmore said of some striking teachers, that “this is also abolition work.”  I’ve been thinking of her partly because I think that our goals are nearly identical, but fear being identified as a radical.  The other reason I’ve been thinking of prisons is that someone recently thanked me for my service, at the US Naval Academy (though I served more usefully imho, as a cadet in the CAP and Jr. ROTC, by rendering first aid after a Metro bus accident!!).  That reminded me of an overheard conversation in my senior year of high school.   As I was nearing graduation, contemplating Annapolis, two guys in my class were also discussing their options.  One said “three hots and a cot.” The other said “hospital, prison, military.”  Then they both…

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