7 thoughts on “Lockdown Partially Lifted”

  1. No, it is not only the unvaccinated that keep the pandemic going; the vaccinated are infecting each other merrily. If they do in Denmark, I think I can safely presume that they also do it elsewhere, as we all have the same vaccines. For this reason, the vaccinated should also test from time to time.

    1. Agree, it is a weak spot for many – it will still be a few more weeks until free tests will be shipped to those who request – but we still have politicians who ban mandatory testing and masks.

    2. To me it seems that at the moment testing is more effective than vaccination.
      We just sold a car to a dealer, the two owners are about 35, their mechanics between 24 and 29. ALL of them are fully vaccinated, and ALL of them have been sick, three badly with 40 Celsius fever (42 is the highest one should get before exitus). But still the not vaccinated are the general scapegoat.

    3. Covid is outsmarting those who think being vaccinated gives 100% protection… clearly it cannot and masking, distancing and testing needed. A former colleague has been sick for second time, this time worse in some ways. She still works at the public health unit where I used to work before the pandemic began. And the news says, Denmark is easing event limitations?

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