Fun with Languages Fridays: Lupin, 1:3

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                 Fun with Languages Friday:  mostly English, and a little stream-of-consciousness…


French Fridays with Lupin, Omar Sy style!

   This third episode is all about how Assàne kidnaps Commissair DuMont, brilliantly.  And Dumont eventually asks his forgiveness.  And the school, paid for by the “generous donatrice” where this kid did not lack courage!  Launching at three kids all by himself!  🙂   So there we see his history of bravery, already shown back in the 2nd episode!   I’ve not yet read LeBlanc’s story  where Lupin kidnaps a person and never leaves the building, but the policeman afficcionado of the stories references it as he figures it out, leading his colleagues to Dumont.
Poor Guidira:  “Patron… Pas Lupin encore!”   He’s right, but no one believes him!  His middle name should be Cassandra!! 
And Dumont should have stuck to…

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