Thoughtful Thursdays, Stayed on Freedom’s Call page 46, and Legends

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       How do you hear the local legends in your neighborhood?  How do you know if they are right?


     I started my own walking singing tour company in the belief that legends were a powerful way to help bring people together to learn from our history.  Some of what I learned is in my book Stayed on Freedom’s Call (last week was page 45…):


” … the 1980’s, when the practice was finally prohibited.

“They won’t admit they love us, and so,

how are we ever, to know? They always tell us, Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps…”

4. The site of Pomona: 7714 13th Street, NW Shhh.  Don’t tell the local residents, but this was not really the mansion of Boss Shepherd.  Lots of long time residents seem to be sure that it was, but this Victorian era home was actually the home of dry goods merchant…

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  1. Many thank again, Ned, for forwarding this page from a community cooperation book, which forms both the empathy-building and the educational parts of Project Do Better.


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